414 freshman invited to join waitlist, 149 accept

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Published 2010-04-21T00:00:00Z”/>


Sarah Brown

In response to budget cutbacks, 2,600 eligible freshmen were denied entry to Chico State for the fall semester, but some were invited to join a waitlist.

Of the 414 freshmen who were invited, only 149 responded that they would like to be on the waitlist, said Allan Bee, director of admissions. 8,470 eligible freshmen were offered admission for next semester, but if some choose not to attend Chico State, then those on the waitlist will be offered the slot.

Students accepted for the fall semester have until May 1 to give their decision, he said.

“If we don’t have enough students at that point, then we’ll go to the waitlist,” Bee said.

Waitlisted students can expect to know the outcome by mid-May, he said. Meanwhile, they should pursue other options in case a slot doesn’t open.

“We’re trying to accommodate as many students as possible without giving false hope,” Bee said.

Chico State is not the only campus implementing the waitlist option for next year.

The chancellor of the California State University system asked every university to develop some sort of waitlist this year, said Erik Fallis, a CSU media relations specialist. Each campus will have different needs, so their waitlist sizes will vary.

“This all goes back to the fact that the CSU has had its budget reduced by $625 million over the last two years,” he said.

The reduced funding left the system in a position where enrollment reduction tactics had to be implemented, Fallis said.

Chico State aims to enroll a certain number of new students in order to receive full funding, said senior Marcus Hollan, an agriculture business major and coordinator of the Freshman Leadership Opportunity program. The waitlist provides a way to keep the numbers from going over or under.

“The waitlist is there to prevent penalization and also to provide support,” he said.

The last time Chico State had to use a waitlist was in 2004, Bee said.

Despite the increasingly high number of applicants, all CSUs are being asked to reduce their enrollment this year.

“There’s incredible demand,” he said. “At a time when we need more trained, educated people, we’re having to shut doors.”

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