O-FACE: Three’s a party

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Aubrey Crosby

For some people, having one lover to look at is enough. For everyone else, there are threesomes.

Imagine taking the excitement of your normal sexploits and throwing in an extra person. It sounds great – and believe me, it is – but there are some obstacles to overcome.

<strong>The approach</strong>

If you’re in a relationship and interested in a threesome, it is important to approach your partner in the right way, as you don’t want to botch the first step.

The easiest way to ask your partner is to be blunt and confident. Tell them what you envision for your ménage à trois. Your partner is more likely to accept if you approach it in a straightforward manner.

When it comes to a third party, there are two routes: friend or stranger. I recommend finding somebody you trust, which could be a close friend who won’t hold the invitation against you.

I’ve had a threesome with a complete stranger and another with a good friend. While fooling around with my longtime friend felt a bit awkward at first, the experience was much more rewarding than the one with the stranger, who was unfamiliar with my preferences and boundaries.

However, if you’re more interested in a one-and-done hookup, feel free to approach that stranger from the bar.

<strong>The deed with three</strong>

Somewhere within the chaos of intermingled limbs, everyone is waiting for their shot at an orgasm.

It’s often hard to give and receive at the same time, but all you need is some focus, some oral sex skills and a basic idea of positions.

If it’s your first time, let’s start with the “H.”

Either a female using a strap-on didlo for penetration or a male is standing or kneeling. The next partner is standing or kneeling in front of them, bent over at the hips. The third party stands or kneels in front of the person in the middle, receiving oral stimulation from the member in the middle.

In the end, you should have something that resembles an “H.” Once you get this far it is bound to lead to positioning improvisation, so it is key to rotate through positions, giving everyone a chance to give and receive.

<strong>The aftermath</strong>

Once you’ve wiped down the mess and straightened up your appearance, it’s time to check if your relationship needs to be tidied up as well. Make sure your partner knows that he or she is still your No. 1 priority. If you enjoyed the experience, express that, but put the emphasis on how you had fun exploring new things with your partner, not the third party. Threesomes can often lead to jealousy, so reinforcement of your original relationship may be in order.

After the excitement is over, you can assess whether you and your partner are over the threesome phase or if you want to explore more. Either way, remember that open communication is the most important aspect of a successful, straightforward sexual encounter.

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