Stick a fork in it: Dollar store meals: French toast, tuna burger and tropical rice dish

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Taylor Western

My dad always claimed that dollar stores were “the happiest places on Earth.” From what I can remember, we would spend $35 on vanilla wafers, and I was pretty happy.

Dollar Tree really came in handy when I started college and moved into an apartment. My roommates and I definitely rely on the store for cleaning products and sneaking cheap snacks into Tinseltown. My favorite thing about Dollar Tree is that they give work experience to people with disabilities. I have a 19-year-old brother with autism, and it was Dollar Tree that gave him his first job. Since then, Dollar Tree has saved me so much money that I decided to dedicate this week’s recipes to dollar stores.

The three recipes I chose had similar ingredients, so students can make these easily while saving money. Milk, eggs and butter were the only ingredients used that weren’t from Dollar Tree, but these are basic items most people have in their refrigerators.

If you want a fun yet cheap way to create a meal, try mine or go to Dollar Tree to see what you come up with yourself. You might be surprised what you can make for a dollar, because I sure was.

<strong>What to do with your leftovers:</strong>

With the leftover pound cake and buns, I recommend making a bread pudding. You just break up the bread and pound cake into small pieces and have them soak in milk, sugar, cinnamon and eggs. Then, mix in the remainder of your mandarin oranges from the French toast recipe and stick it in the oven.

I have used the rice and beans for nachos, burritos or a taco salad for meals throughout the week.

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