Roommate pranks make for strange experience

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Amanda Drew

Whether it’s Saran wrapping a friend’s toilet bowl, switching their salsa with hot sauce, or hanging their bed from the ceiling, pranks against friends, roommates and even enemies are some college experiences that will never be forgotten.

Some of the most memorable pranks pulled in college occur among a specially bonded group of people: roommates.

One Chico household decided to gang up on their roommate for spending too much time away at his family’s house.

“We hooked his bed to the ceiling,” said Daniel Pirak, an exercise physiology major.

They put wire in his sheets so the bedding would still be fully in place even though it was upside down, Pirak said.

“It took a lot of time to get the bed up there, but it was priceless,” he said. “He didn’t really laugh until after his bed was back on the ground.”

Then there are those who pull pranks for no reason other than for a good laugh.

Brian Pirruccello, a construction management junior, decided to pull a “Billy Madison” with a few of his friends.

“We lit shit on fire, left it at someone’s front door and ran,” Pirruccello said.

The friends watched the reaction their “gift” received from bushes, which Pirruccello said is the best part of a prank.

Others wait for the joy of terrorizing loved ones on the one day of the year that it’s justified: April Fools’ Day.

“A long time ago before I was born, my mom called my dad at work and told him she was pregnant,” said Jessica August, a junior biology student.

The couple had been planning to start having children so the news came as a joyful and overwhelming surprise for her dad, August said.

“He came home with flowers and was almost in tears because he was so happy,” she said. “And then my mom said, ‘April Fools’.'”

The pranks to avoid are the ones from enemies.

Grace Wheaton, a liberal studies sophomore, and some of her friends decided to get back at an ex-friend by “decorating” a white, unmarked van in front of her house. The friends used some old bologna to spell out obscenities on the van, and adorned the rest of it and her house with three cartons of eggs, she said.

“I stayed in the car,” Wheaton said. “I didn’t want to get caught. But it was hilarious.”

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