Hangover cure recipes: Breakfast sandwich, fruit smoothie

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Stick a fork in itTaylor Western

For most students, part of college is waking up to an awful hangover after a night of drinking. There is sadly no cure, but there are some ways to make the head and stomach feel a little better.

It is recommended that you take aspirin the next morning, and there is no evidence that taking it the night before will help, according to Food Network. Coffee may be a good choice, because alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, which can give you a headache, and the caffeine allows them to constrict.

You should always drink lots of water, because the alcohol causes dehydration. Sports drinks such as Gatorade also work well, because they replenish the electrolytes in your system.

Many people believe that greasy foods such as french fries are good hangover cures, but it is a much better idea to eat them before you drink. The extra oils will coat your stomach and slow the alcohol absorption, while eating greasy foods can upset your stomach once you are hungover.

I made two recipes that include foods to help nurse your hangover. The first is a breakfast sandwich that calls for an egg, since they are high in cystine, which helps process the alcohol. I also included a slice of tomato to include vitamin C. I used low-fat ham instead of bacon to get rid of the extra grease and lots of vegetables, including the healthy fat of avocado.

There is also a smoothie recipe containing many fruits to help replenish nutrients and raise blood sugar. It is important to include a banana to work against the dehydrating effects of alcohol, as well as a tablespoon of honey, a natural sugar, to break down the alcohol with its fructose.

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