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Aubrey Crosby

One-night stands are a normal part of college life. Hook-ups take place all around us and many people don’t quite understand the protocol that goes along with such an event.

I know it is odd to consider any sort of ground rules for a one-time fling, but following these simple tips can improve your chances of getting it on, and avoiding potential awkwardness afterward.

<strong>The pick-up</strong>

You’ve gotten as far as deciding that you’re interested in hooking up, and you have determined that it is going to be a one-time thing.

The largest obstacle will be approaching the target. You have a critical window of three seconds once you’ve made eye contact. Any approach after that window will indicate that you’re not a go-getter and will also give you too much time to think.

When you engage with your sex-buddy-to-be, relax and feel free to flirt.

Once you’ve received enough clues that he or she is into you, isolate your future sex partner. Ask to go to a quieter spot, and communicate your interest through touching his or her shoulder when you laugh and leaning forward when spoken to.

By now it shouldn’t be hard to determine if your partner is on the same page. This is important because if one of you goes in expecting something different than the other, the aftermath can be unpleasant.

<strong>The hook-up</strong>

Now that you have found yourself an accomplice, go ahead and make the move to leave the crowd. Don’t be afraid to make the suggestion to get out of there, chances are your partner is thinking the same thing. There is no reason to pretend you don’t know what the other one is looking for – but don’t move too quickly.

Safety is a must. Don’t let yourself get so carried away that you leave protection out of the equation.

Before you get undressed, make sure you have a full coverage protection plan. Some students don’t consider consequences such as STDs or pregnancy when getting involved in these endeavors. While it may seem minor at the time, there is no reason to let a night like this change your life.

<strong>The morning after</strong>

When you wake up next to that body from the night before, you might have questions like, “Should I stay or should I go?” If you’re embarrassed, feeling guilty, or something just doesn’t feel right – it’s time for the walk of shame. If things went well, then don’t be afraid to stay a while.

After you leave, you can either rest assured that your one-night stand was just that, or you can look at more options. Even if you only hook-up with them the one time, it doesn’t have to be awkward.

In a lot of cases, it is even possible for a relationship to be built from one night of passion. Following these quick tips can get you a fun night that you can walk away from without a guilty memory or any obligations.

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