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Lexi Brister

It’s not for everyone, but my boyfriend loves it when I wear lingerie, especially the really raunchy, see-through kind.

When I put on something scandalous, sex with my boyfriend reaches a whole new level of hot. With Halloween this weekend, there’s a great opportunity to become someone different in the bedroom.

The last time I tried role-playing to give my bedroom exercises a creative edge, it was so awkward that my ex-boyfriend and I decided boring sex would be better. We realized later that the attempt was so disastrous because we were trying to force our fantasies onto each other under the restrictions of reality.

The great thing about Halloween is that you can reinvent your sexual persona at a time when everyone else is doing the exact same thing. You’re able to get the spice without the awkwardness.

I have an older female friend who has a Halloween tradition in which she and her husband get dressed up for a friend’s party separately. They don’t tell each other about their costumes, and when they get to the party they make a game of finding and hitting on each other as if they were single.

Doing this takes them back to their days when sex meant clothes-ripping, wall-shaking ecstasy, she said.

Her advice, however, is to make sure you pay close attention to who you’re going home with. Her husband wore a popular mask one year, and she repeatedly had to double-check that the man she was flirting with was, in fact, her husband.

The thrill of having sex outside the normal late-night bedroom routine is

extra arousing.

Scott Haltzman, M.D., author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men, writes that “part of enjoying tantalizing sex is experiencing a level

of escape.”

A holiday for dress-up is the perfect excuse for some raunchy fun.

For singles, getting into costume and strutting your stuff as someone other than yourself usually means lowered inhibitions, which can make sex more exciting.

Most of my single male friends say Halloween is their favorite holiday, because the women become more daring and often go out in nothing but lingerie.

Even the ones who wear actual costumes are usually donning some “sexy” version of whatever character they’re trying to be, so the atmosphere becomes sexually charged.

While I’m not a huge fan of this tradition, I do fully support the right to be whoever and whatever you want and to take full advantage of the opportunity to go totally crazy.

A word of caution is to beware the bartender. I’ve said it before but it must be said again: Keep the alcohol intake under control. Nothing ruins an ultra-sexy moment quite like fumbling with a costume to get the deed done.

If the public role-play-for-private-intimacy thing isn’t for you, Halloween can still be a great chance to sex up your bedroom wardrobe since costumes and lingerie usually go on sale the day after.

Whether married, single or otherwise committed, the key to any experimental activity is to get really into your role. So whatever you dress up as, make sure you play the part.

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