$4.50 gas prices likely new reality

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Published 2011-03-01T19:35:00Z”/>


Allison Weeks

Although the revolution in Libya might seem far away, residents in Chico are certainly feeling its effects at the pump.

“The price of gas has gone up 20 cents in the last two weeks,” said Raj Sandhu, owner of the Shell Station on Nord Avenue. “It has gone up 10 cents each week. If gas prices keep going up, it will be going up by $4.50 by this summer.”

The problem is transporting the oil to America, Sandhu said.

“Most of the gas deposits are located in the Middle East, and it is the No. 1 export in that part of the world,” Sandhu said. “Since there is conflict in Libya, it is not safe to ship oil to other parts of the world.”

Not only is dependency on gas causing gas prices to increase, but it is also affecting the price of necessities.

“As gas prices go up, store prices go up because of the cost of transportation,” Sandhu said. “Trucks need to pay money for gas in order for the goods to reach their final destination.”

The increasing gas prices has had a major impact on Jennifer Roman, a senior health administration major.

“I live on 20th Street, so I need my car to get to school, and get to my internship at Enloe Hospital,” Roman said. “I have no money coming in, so I plan on getting a bike and a job because of the high gas prices.”

Jami Claflin, a Butte College student and Contagious Motor Sports employee, carpools to school, but fears the increasing gas prices may soon affect her carpool.

“One of the people in my carpool drives an SUV which consumes a lot of gas,” Claflin said. “This may affect my carpool soon since there seems to be no end in sight to the increasing gas prices.”

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