O-FACE: Love hurts

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Aubrey Crosby

There are some things you never want to hear coming from your roommate’s bedroom.

If you think their cries of pleasure are bad, you’ve probably never had to listen to cries of pain.

Sex injuries are common and, more often than not, excruciating. Luckily they’re avoidable.

<strong>Head and neck</strong>

While head injuries sound painful, they’re not the worst you can get. My boyfriend once threw me over his shoulder to carry me to my bed for some fun – and ended up hitting my head on a wall. It’s no big deal. Mild concussions are bound to happen along the course of your journey to sexual enlightenment.

Mild head trauma or neck pain most often occurs when someone’s head gets slammed against the headboard during sex. It sounds stupid, but it happens. Getting around the discomfort can be as easy as having sex with your feet at the top of the bed.

<strong>Thighs and legs</strong>

Other than the typical soreness that comes from stretching into some odd positions, the only time I have ever pulled a muscle during sex was when my ex tried to get me to put my leg behind my head.

Let me start by stating that not everybody is a gymnast, and we can’t all do a perfect spread eagle. But that didn’t stop me from trying.

Stretching at the beginning of your day can be tedious, but it’s the best way to avoid problems surrounding pulled muscles. Stretching helps limber you up and can enhance the sexual experience.


There’s nothing like arching your back right before you have that mind-blowing orgasm, just to have it seize up on you.

Back injuries are some of the most common during sex. All it takes is one turn or arch in the wrong direction and you’re stuck.

If you’re prone to back problems, it’s safer to be on top of your partner. When you’re on the bottom, try putting a pillow under your lower back. Or, there’s always doggy-style.

You shouldn’t have to spend the time after your rendezvous with an ice pack.

So next time you find yourself going head first at a headboard or being contorted into some new positions, take charge and make the changes necessary to stay safe.

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