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Published 2008-09-17T00:00:00Z”/>


<strong>Thumbs up</strong> to Amtrak. It’s just like Greyhound, only half the crazy.

<strong>Thumbs down</strong> to the lazy but able-bodied people who take the elevator up or down one floor.

<strong>Thumbs up</strong> to rice chips. Rice cake products aren’t just for crazy dieting, chicks anymore.

<strong>Thumbs down</strong> to athletes trying to be actors. Shut your mouth and look pretty.

<strong>Thumbs up</strong> to lotion-infused Kleenex. When blowing your nose for the hundredth time, anything else feels like sandpaper.

<strong>Thumbs down</strong> to the new Facebook for being a pain in the ass. The only thing worse than the new Facebook is the fact that it’s being forced on us.

<strong>Thumbs up</strong> to thumbs. They help you grab things and remind you of your status in the evolutionary process.

<strong>Thumbs down</strong> to awkward massage chairs. One size does not fit all and they leave some people feeling violated.

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