Leslie Williams: Formidable winter fashions

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Leslie Williams

While most of us were away with our families for Thanksgiving break, someone decided to occupy the town: Old Man Winter. Leaving town with weather in the mid 70s, and returning to 30s at night left many of us freezing our … feet off. The sudden switch can leave students scrambling for winter wear. And though some people know what’s up when it comes to winter style, others are left out in the cold. Some people need fashion help – and you may be one of them. Dos and Don’ts to the rescue.

<strong>Do: Pea Coats</strong>

Many students already cuss like sailors, so you might as well start dressing like one, too. And like snowflakes, each pea coat is different. Whether it’s different colors, materials or patterns, there’s something for everyone. And men don’t be afraid of the coat. It makes you look way dapper.

<strong>Don’t: Uggs and Skirts</strong>

The age-old question: If it’s cold enough to wear big furry boots, isn’t it too cold to wear a denim miniskirt? I won’t knock you for wearing them for comfort or warmth, but the warmth thing is kind of defeated by wearing a skirt meant for a Cabbage Patch doll.

<strong>Do: Layer</strong>

Layering allows students to stand out from the drab Chico State-hoodied crowd, and going through what you already have in your closet can save you money. Now you have enough to buy a peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks while looking fly and warm. Cute and potentially delicious, mmm.

<strong>Don’t: Ugly Sweaters</strong>

If the sexy Bill Cosby couldn’t make them look good, neither can you. Some pattern is good, but if your sweater looks like one of those multicolored no signal TV bars, do yourself and everyone else a favor and just burn it. Two birds with one stone: You’re sparing yourself embarrassment, and you can keep yourself warm with the fire you toss it in.

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