Furlough Frustration

Published 2009-09-08T00:00:00Z”/>


Christian Gutierrez

This week I had my first class cancellation due to faculty furlough days. At first I thought that these random class cancellations would be fun. I thought it would give me some extra time to relax or do something fun.

Instead, I found it to be really nerve wrecking. The class that was canceled was my first semester French class. With the cancellation being so early in the semester I feel like I lost a lot of valuable time that it takes to learn the basics of a language. Now I feel lost in the class.

Apparently, it gets even worse, two of the campus wide closure days will be a Tuesday and Thursday, and our professor plans to take the rest of her furloughs on those days. This means that my French class will be canceled a total of eight days or a combined four weeks. How am I supposed to learn a new language like this? What were the trustees thinking?