Evade apathy for AS elections

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Illustration by Liz Coffee

Illustration by Liz Coffee

Sadly, voter apathy in student elections is a problem that universities across America struggle with.

Average voter turnout to student government elections across the country is in the range of 4 percent, with state universities and colleges slightly higher, at 10 to 15 percent, according to the American Student Government Association database.

It would appear that college students can’t be bothered to vote in their own Associated Students elections, that voting is simply too much effort for the average student to instate their unalienable right to participate in their campus politics.

But that simply is not true. Voting on this campus is as easy as following a web link and making a few clicks. It’s almost the same amount of effort as browsing through Facebook, except instead of a lost hour, it only takes a few minutes to vote.

Chico State is exceptional in that for the past several years voter participation has hovered in the 20 percent range. This university is still not an exception to voter apathy.

Nearly a quarter of the student body choosing to participate. That is not enough.

Nonvoters are letting the vocal minority make decisions for the silent majority of students.

It is important to consider what is at stake during these elections. Being apathetic is a poor choice, and any other excuses not to vote are even poorer.

The student body chooses who will lead when its A.S. officers are elected. These leaders are in charge of managing a multimillion dollar corporation and vote on policy that can last decades.

Additionally, students can allocate thousands of dollars to on-campus organizations that are important to them through the Revenue Sharing program when they vote.

Not voting in this election is as much a waste of those funds as it is of opportunity.

Students should vote by visiting  aschico.com.


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