Humans of Chico State

Kelsey Hinders
Kelsey Hinders, a senior psychology major, talks about how she would improve the world. Photo credit: Julie Ramos

If you could fix any problem in the world, would you?

“I would completely get rid of cancer.” -Kelsie Hinders, senior psychology major

Ashley Villegas
Ashley Villegas, a first-year agriculture major, discusses an important event in her life. Photo credit: Julie Ramos

Q: What is the most significant thing that has ever happened to you?

A: “I went to Guatemala on a two week mission trip. It opened up my eyes and changed my views on life and ultimately what I want to do. I feel much more grateful and I’ve learned not to take everything for granted.” – Ashley Villegas, first-year agriculture major

Grace Manning
Grace Manning, a first-year, talks about what she would reverse in her life. Photo credit: Julie Ramos

Would you reverse anything that has happened in the world?

“I would reverse natural disasters because they have affected so many people in a negative way and they are something that people have absolutely no control over.” – Grace Manning, undeclared first-year

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