A.S. Sustainability without coordinator

Former Associated Students program coordinator Eli Goodsell. Photo courtesy Chico State

Eli Goodsell, the former Associated Students sustainability coordinator, left Chico State to become the recycling program manager at Conservation Corps North Bay.

During his 11 years serving Chico State’s sustainability efforts, Goodsell has helped out in many ways, said Jovan Smith, A.S. vice president of facilities and services.

Most notably, Goodsell helped to bring a “zero waste goal” to Chico State, which is to reduce waste on campus by bringing the waste diversion rate to 90 percent by 2015.

Kevin Killion, the A.S. education and outreach coordinator, praised Goodsell in his commitment to sustainability.

“He was an amazing boss who will be very missed, but we know he will be doing great things at his new position,” he said.

Nevertheless, things have been going well and A.S. Sustainability is proving to be very self-sufficient and autonomous, said Janessa Mostow, assistant sustainability coordinator for the A.S.

“We have been continuing our staff and intern meetings and projects,” she said. “What began as perhaps a setback turned into an opportunity for students to take leadership positions.”

Smith said A.S. Sustainability will need to take some time to review its policies for the future to make sure the new coordinator receives the same services.

The A.S. is currently interviewing for a temporary program coordinator to hold the position for 90 days.

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