Humans of Chico State: Friends

Melissa Herrera, left, an undeclared freshman, and Jacqueline Fernandez, right, a freshman criminal justice major, talk about a friendship that started before they came to Chico State. Photo credit: Annie Paige

“We lived in the same hometown in high school. We just kinda ate lunch together and then we kept eating lunch together and we never left each other after that.” – Melissa Herrera, left

“That was in ninth grade. We’re five years strong and now we’re both here in Chico.” – Jacqueline Fernandez

What do you look for in a friend?

“Sarcastic and funny. If you can’t have fun with them, there’s no point.” – Herrera

“Common interests, humor, sarcasm and loyalty. That they’re there for you and will always be there for you.” – Fernandez

Tuilhera Vilhema, second from the left, an environmental science major, Bruna Schlieder, second from the right, a mechanical engineer major, and Arthur Baiao, right, a mechanical engineer major, explain how being international students from Brazil have made them friends. Photo credit: Annie Paige

“We participated in the same government program. We met each other here seven weeks ago.” – Tuilhera Vilhema, second from the left

Is it helpful being in a new place with people from your own country?

“Yes, we can help each other. Most of the time we help each other with the language. If one person doesn’t understand, the other can help.” – Bruna Schlieder, second from the right

“Actually, the jokes here, we don’t get it. Brazil jokes are better for us.” – Vilhema

Elizabeth Vazquez, left, a junior health science major, and Diana Gomez, a freshman political science major, meet for the first time. Photo credit: Annie Paige

“This is actually the first time we’re meeting up. I met her through InterVarsity. It’s a Christian fellowship group on campus. It was the first week of tabling and we got her contact information and now we’re meeting up.” – Elizabeth Vasquez, left

What do you look for in a friend?

“A personal connection.” – Diana Gomez, right

“There has to be some sort of spark, some mutual interest and depth.” – Vazquez

University Village roommates Cecilia Romero, left, an undeclared freshman, and Shantal Walker, a freshman child development major, talk about how their friendship formed in the dorms. Photo credit: Annie Paige

What was the defining moment of your friendship?

“I kind of have to put up with her because I live with her. But no, we share lots of stuff in common and spend a lot of time at home together, so it kind of just happened.” – Cecilia Romero, left

What makes a good friend?

“Someone you can mess around with and have fun with, but get stuff done with.” – Shantal Walker, right

“She is not judgmental, and she’s always there. I mean she’s always there, literally.” – Romero

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