Nostalgia is no longer just for the elderly

Alyssa Dunning

It seems like every time I log into a social media site some one is having a nostalgic overload.

My generation’s obsession with the past is a bit premature. While I understand students bonding over an old television show that is no longer on, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Daria” for example.

College students’ obsession with wanting to live in the past is taking over classrooms, bar conversations and the internet, and it is a bit alarming.

I see all these posts on Facebook asking for likes “if you remember” things like Floam or the television show Recess. Buzzfeed has also started in with this idea of nostalgia with lists of things from the 1990’s.

To me, nostalgia shouldn’t be about material things but for relationships and memories.

I think that living in the past is a sad way to live. I believe we should be excited to live in the now, where we can have all our music with us at all times, carry a laptop with ease, and not to mention the strides we’ve made in equality over the past few decades.

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