Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Illustration by Miles Huffman

As the students of Chico State return for spring semester, it’s hard not to feel nostalgic towards home.

Perhaps some finally feel at home here in Chico. I have a hunch, however, that most can’t erase the image of the home or homes in which we grew up.

Looking to the semester ahead builds excitement, no doubt. But whether it be a day, a week or a month, many face a transitional period throughout which memories of home and family linger.

Fall semester offers a fresh start. A majority of students have not been immersed in a student culture that thrives like Chico State’s in months. Anticipation of the year ahead squashes any feeling of longing.

Yet, after a both socially and academically productive semester (hopefully), that restlessness can only be satisfied with sleeping in one’s old bed before returning for spring semester.

So maybe I miss home more than I thought.

I find that each time I return to Chico I have a greater appreciation for home. However, when I’m home, I miss elements that can only be found in Chico, making me realize that both are very special places.

When I am home, I miss the rolling foothills, abundance of oak trees and friendships founded on more than four years of trust.

I miss Bidwell Park. I miss the variety of trees that surround Chico’s ecosystem. I miss the spontaneous nature of new friendships.

And above all, I miss Madison Bear Garden.

Miles Inserra can be reached at [email protected] or @m_inserra on Twitter.