Having sex on your period

Chantal Richards
Chantal Richards

Stop! Do not pass go. Bitchiness, whining and unbearable cramps

Proceed with caution.

Getting your period is never ideal, especially if you are about to have sex with someone.

You feel bloated, ugly and dirty. It doesn’t help that the minute the tampon is removed, blood gushes out and it is by no means arousing.

But it is when women are the horniest. According to healthguidance.org, leading up to the menstrual cycle and the period itself is when women’s hormones fluctuate making them hornier.

Men: Take note.

It might not be the greatest experience of your life but once-a-month clean-up isn’t so bad when women have to remove the cum every time and then also the blood.

Wearing a condom can help lessen the clean up for you.

Having a towel under her, that is not white, helps keep the bloody mess off your sheets so there is no pool of blood in the aftermath.

Shower sex also helps with avoiding Niagara Falls because the water and soap washes it away down the drain. No mess left here.

Women on their period become irresistible to you because the hormones they are releasing are screaming, “Take me now.” It is similar to animals in heat.

Women: It helps.

You probably don’t want anything to do with sex during this time, but it relieves cramps. That is a benefit to go with the flow.

It is less likely to get pregnant. Of course, there is always a possibility but it is lessened immensely. It’s also great to be on birth control so this wouldn’t be much of a concern.

No matter what, go with the flow and have sex with or without the period stopping both of you from having sexual encounters.


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