Pedicabs: A safe ride home

Illustration by Miles Huffman

The familiar sound of bikes bumping bass through the blocks of Chico is a friendly reminder that students always have a safe ride home at night.

As students prepare to party each weekend, Mike Griffith, aka Mike G and a team of bikers gear up their free pedicab service to get students home safely after a night out on the town.

With a ten-inch sub-woofer, two speakers and an amplifier mounted to his pedicab, Mike G. adds to downtown Chico’s festive atmosphere with music and a flashy vehicle.

Yet every pedicab driver is there to serve. Wave one of them down and they will pick anyone up on the spot – for free.

Of course compensation is assumed, granted the service they provide. If a person can’t find a couple Washington’s in their back pocket, they should at least tip them with real dough.

It wouldn’t be the first time Mike G. is tipped with a loaf of bread, according to a local interview.

More than anything, theses guys deserve appreciation.

Student support keeps pedicabs in business, and students need pedicabs to make it home safe.

Pedicab drivers have infiltrated nightlife in Chico and gained students’ respect.

As long as police officers have a badge, many students will resent them for ruining a good time.

But Mike G. is cool. Mike G. has style.

No student disrespects a man on a bike like a carriage, playing music for the people, serving the people.

Mike G. and the pedicab drivers keep students safe in their own way.

Mike G. and the pedicab drivers – Thank you.

Miles Inserra can be reached at [email protected] or @m_inserra on Twitter