Student passes out on Tehama Hall steps

EMT rushed an unknown female Chico State Student to Enloe Medical Center Tuesday. Photo credit: George Johnston

A Chico State student was found passed out in front of Tehama Hall Tuesday night.

Quaid Mathews, a Chico State freshman, found the female student sitting on the steps of Tehama Hall nodding her head up and down after leaving his class.

“I was walking out of class when I noticed her sitting on the steps and I thought she was just napping,” Matthews said, “but another lady was walking by and asked if I knew her.”

Mathews said she was not responding to any questions he or the other woman were asking.

“Her eyes would somewhat open and close again,” Matthews said. “So I went back in and got my teacher and he came out, and that’s when the lady was on the phone to 911.”

EMT first-responders had no comment on the situation.

The passed-out student was rushed to Enloe Medical Center.

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