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Tips for shopping in downtown Chico

As you make your way around downtown Chico searching for fall fashion staples you will see a myriad of windows displaying similar chic crop tops and fancy frocks. But how do Chico boutiques really stack up against each other? Here’s the rundown:


For Elyse

228 Broadway St.

Customer Service: A

Price: B

Variety: A

This is the place for: Everything

With vast space, eye popping colors and fun music, For Elyse has a welcoming environment with a plethora of options when it comes to trendy clothing that made me want everything in my sight. I even ended up buying something.

Both men and women’s styles line the shelves, with everything from wedges and Miss Me brand name jeans for fashionistas, and button down shirts and flannels for fashionistos.

The staff is more than willing to pull pieces for you based on the occasion you’re looking for that perfect outfit for. They are friendly, attentive and will continue to check on you throughout your shopping experience.

While For Elyse features the “Four pieces for $25 bin”, which is essentially a tangled mess of clothes you can dig through if you have the patience, everything else is an average price for a downtown boutique. If you want a classy dress, you’re looking at dropping about $40 to $60, while designer jeans range from $90 to $110.

Be sure to check out their jewelry counter if you’re looking for the perfect necklace or ring.


Urban Laundry

222 Main St.

Customer Service: A

Price: A

Variety: A

This is the place for: Designer duds

A calm, rustic ambiance makes Urban Laundry a relaxing place to browse the racks at.

It seems as if the store just keeps going and going, and once you get to the back you hit gold: A jackpot of 50 percent off deals.

Here you will find True Religion jeans marked off from $196 to $98, Seven for All Man Kind denim for $95, and RVCA colored shorts for only $27. If you’re looking to score some last minute summer deals, this is the place to go.

The clothes vary from a little bit of everything, and half the store forks off into an entire men’s section, so it has something for everyone.

If the discount section wasn’t enough to sell me on the store, the woman working started up a personal conversation with me that didn’t focus on the sale itself – major thumbs up.



232 Broadway St.

Customer Service: D

Price: C

Variety: B

This is the place for: Formal dresses

If energy and good vibes is what you’re looking for, Trucker is the place for you. A laid back, hipster feel creates an easygoing mood that is suitable for both men and women. The fact that they carry Lulu’s brand clothing is also a major plus.

Accessories are also a major selling point, with wallets, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry filling the front of the store by the counter.

Dresses appear to be the most abundant type of clothing for women, while there is the largest quantity of men’s clothing when compared to other boutiques in the area.

Although I was fine browsing alone, customer service ranked low with me because I was not offered a dressing room while holding a few items like the other places did and I was not asked if I needed help in the 20 minutes I was there.

However, if I was in need of a dress for a special occasion, I would still go back.

The clothing seemed a bit pricier than some of the other places, but there was a decent selection to make up for it.


The Fashion Lounge

212 Main St.

Customer Service: B

Price: B

Variety: C

This is the place for: Girly dresses

You’ll feel like a little kid playing dress up again in this whimsical setting, complete with a staircase leading up to a second floor. You’ll find tons of dresses and girly accessories at The Fashion Lounge, with splashes of pink and purple everywhere.

The upstairs area has a huge selection of bandeaus in a multitude of colors, in addition to fun party dresses.

I was offered a dressing room immediately after picking up an item, but still had to browse freely without feeling like someone was breathing down my neck.

The couches and lounge chairs sprinkled throughout the space creates a comfy environment that can accommodate large groups of shoppers.

A majority of the dresses were in the 30 to 40 dollar range, with some a bit higher.

This is definitely a fun place to look around and at least walk into to get in touch with your playful side.

Kayla Smith can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_news on Twitter.

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