Chavez revelry illustrates ignorance

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Illustration by Liz Coffee

Illustration by Liz Coffee

Ah, Cesar Chavez Day.

It’s a day to celebrate the civil rights activist and farmer who co-founded the United Farm Workers Association.

Many celebrate by volunteering in their community.

Or by getting blackout drunk on tequila and Dos Equis.

Which is totally fine.

Except that the majority of individuals who choose to drink on Cesar Chavez Day become raging idiots with each shot of Milagro they take.

Whether that is through wearing insensitive clothing, like sombreros and ponchos, or by being totally unaware of the reason for celebration.

Last year, someone decided to walk around downtown Chico and film students’ responses when asked what the holiday is about. 

The video, called “Chico State’s thoughts on Cesar Chavez Day,” was later uploaded to YouTube. 

It highlights some of the problems with Chico State students’ knowledge of Cesar Chavez Day.

One girl in the video was asked “What would you tell Cesar Chavez if he were here?”

She responded, “I would just say that I appreciate everything he has done for Venezuela, but I don’t know. I’m not like a total — I don’t know everything about him.”    


First of all, Cesar Chavez did absolutely nothing for Venezuela or the people of Venezuela.

He was a Latino civil rights activist who advocated for Hispanic empowerment and organized labor.

Cesar Chavez also died in 1993, meaning he should not be referred to in present tense.

Although this girl was not the only one interviewed in the video, she was the only one able to form a somewhat coherent thought.

Every single person in the video was visibly intoxicated.

Now, whether or not that was the videographer’s intention is unknown.

However, if students are choosing to drink on Cesar Chavez Day, they should at least know why they are celebrating.

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