Zingg reveals surgery details in email

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Photo courtesy Chico State

Photo courtesy Chico State

Nearly two weeks after undergoing triple by-pass heart surgery, President Paul Zingg released a statement through email Wednesday describing his late-night emergency room visit, his recovery and thoughts concerning the Chico State operations moving forward.

Zingg said he spent a week at Enloe and is now home where he expects to recuperate for two to three months. In an email titled “From the Bottom of My Heart,” Zingg praised the medical team at Enloe Medical Center.

“I felt from the moment I arrived at the Emergency Room that I was in good care,” he said. “Our Chico community is truly blessed to have such extraordinary medical care here for us.”

Zingg went on to offer personal lessons learned from the experience. He urged readers to take care of their own heart.

He noted his gratefulness for the support from the Chico State, and said, “Always keep your heart open to the goodness around you and always be grateful for its expressions.”

Zingg also announced his support for Chancellor Tim White’s appointment of interim President Rollin Richmond, former Humboldt State president.

“I could not imagine a better choice,” Zingg said. “Our campus can trust Rollin and I know he will feel welcome here.” Zingg said that he will most miss participating in upcoming events, such as commencement, during his time away.

“Always remember why we are here together in this University community,” he said. “And always seek both joy and fulfillment in the privileged nature of our work together.

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