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Chico State no longer a safe place

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Illustration by Liz Coffee

Illustration by Liz Coffee

Lately, there seems to be more hate and violence in Chico than love and peace.

Raelynn Vincent, a Chico State student, was walking home from her boyfriend’s house early on the morning of March 7.

A man in a car first verbally harassed Vincent, and then he exited the vehicle and punched her in the face, breaking her jaw in two places.

After assaulting Vincent, he got back into his car and drove away.

The man has yet to be apprehended.

On March 7, Travis Powell, a 22-year-old Chico State junior, was shot and killed at a house party on West Seventh and Oak streets early in the morning.

Powell was attending the party when a fight broke out and spilled out into the streets.

The fight escalated and three victims, including Powell, were shot. Two individuals were stabbed and one victim was hit in the face with a glass bottle.

These are not the only incidences of violence that have occurred in Chico.

However, they are the most recent and directly highlight the problems in this community.

Chico is supposed to be a forward-thinking town full of informed and caring individuals.

However, in light of certain events of the past few weeks, it has come to the attention of The Orion that people may still be a bit confused as to how to treat others.

In simple terms: 

Violence is never the solution.

If an individual has a problem with someone else, using violence is not the way to express frustration.

The incidences that have occurred in Chico should concern every member of this community.

One Chico State student is dead and another has her jaw wired shut because of the excessive violence in this community.

All people deserve to be treated with respect, no matter their gender, race or sexuality.

Remember, every single person in this world is fighting a battle that no one knows anything about.

Be kind. Always.

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Chico State no longer a safe place