Helping people who are terrible in bed

Chantal Richards
Chantal Richards

I have been fortunate enough to have only one sexual experience where the guy was awful.

He is what I refer to as the “too much tongue guy.”

Not only did he not know how to kiss but his tongue seemed to be slobbery and too wet on my vagina.

He also did not know how to thrust, which left me in an uncomfortable situation afterwards.

Sexual partners don’t always know how to please you and it does not mean every partner that is terrible for you is horrible in bed.


Sometimes you find out too late that the person is not good in bed.

This does not mean you should break up with them. There is a far better way to remedy this mishap.

Teach your partner what you like and let them teach you what they like. This can turn the awful lover into the best one you can have.

You can train your partner to cater to your needs. You’ll grow to be in sync with one another as you explore what works and what doesn’t.

Casual Sex

It is awkward waking up to someone you barely know but it is worse when the night before sucked.

Don’t tell them they were terrible. It bruises their ego and what might not have worked for you may have worked for someone else.

Simply say thank you and move on.

I’m not going to lie, it’s awkward when they want a repeat of the night and you just are not up for it.

Calmly decline and walk away. You can’t fix something that was only meant to last ‘til the cock crowed.

It lies with you, you decide whether to leave the encounter far back in your mind or teach a potential long-term partner exactly what you want.

Either way, having terrible sex is a good way to learn exactly what you don’t want.


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