Burglar only takes beer

Kindra Robinson

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Chico Police Department

Call Type: Subject 4:22 a.m., West Fourth Street

A man walked into Hotel Diamond downtown and claimed that his parents owned the business before slamming the door and walking off toward the parking garage.

Call Type: Residential Burglary 4:26 p.m., Hazel Street

Someone kicked open the door of a Chico home and proceeded to drink the beer in the refrigerator. The house was an empty rental and there is no information on who the suspect was.

Call Type: Transient Problem 3:18 p.m., Park Avenue

A homeless man defecated on the property of a Chico resident. Then he left his pants and shoes behind upon leaving.

Call Type: Fraud/Scam 12:22 p.m., East 20th Street

A woman who purchased the business “Eye Candy Couture” claims the previous owners falsified documents and embezzled money. It went out of business on Jan. 28, 2015.

Call Type: Panhandler 8:58 a.m., West Second Street

Jamba Juice contacted police after witnessing customers being scared away by a homeless man who was yelling at people who wouldn’t give him money.

University Police Department

Call Type: Petty Theft 12:18 a.m., West Sacramento Avenue

A man stole a bike from Mechoopda Hall. He was described as having a shaved head, no shirt, dark shorts and large bolt cutters.

Call Type: Suspicious Subject 1:48 a.m., Arcadian Avenue

A man with brown hair and blonde streaks was seen sitting at the base of a stairwell in Modoc Hall. He was sitting on couch cushions smoking a cigarette.

Call Type: Transient Call 5 a.m.

Officers performed a sweep by the Physical Science Building at Chico State, because they have been receiving daily phone calls about homeless people sleeping in that area.

Call Type: Transient Call 11:26 a.m., West Sixth/Cedar Streets

A homeless person, who had set up a camp in the area, was forced to move along by University Police. Property management in the area was informed for clean-up purposes.

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