Press Pause: ‘Chrononauts’

Cover of Chrononauts #1 by Mark Millar and Sean Murphy. Photo credit Image Comics

Where to begin— the story, Mark Millar‘s writing or Sean Murphy‘s art? All are valid reasons to check out the first volume of “Chrononauts,” but let’s start with the story.


Doctor Corbin Quinn has figured out how to travel through time. With the help of a NASA-like organization, Corbin and his best friend, Doctor Danny Reilly, will become the first men to travel through time. When a time wave knocks Corbin off course from filming Columbus’ discovery of America, Danny has to rescue his friend from being lost in the time stream forever. And that’s just the beginning.


Millar takes a while in the first chapter of “Chrononauts” to set the inciting moment in motion. The 19 pages Millar uses should be a bore to read, but he fills them with splendid, emotional beats like Corbin calling his ex–wife he never made time for.

Then there are funny gags, such as Danny messing around with CNN, that should keep the audience engaged. Millar has a wicked sense of humor and Murphy’s art perfectly hammers home every punch line.


Murphy just draws cool-looking guys. His faces are not the best looking, but they give his and Millar’s characters some, well, character. What’s really impressive about Murphy’s art are his details and backgrounds— he puts so many Easter eggs in the book, one can’t spot them all in one reading. There is something about Murphy’s art that begs to be read more than once.

This book is just begging to be read, so check it out.

“Chrononauts Vol.1” is available in both print and digital platforms for $9.99.

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