Getting creative with Halloween costumes

Stray away from the rest of the population who will be dressed up as a twerking Miley Cyrus or a delirious Amanda Bynes this Halloween and go for a costume that is more unique. Nude latex isn’t a good look for anyone.

With a little creativity, you can turn average into awesome with these costume ideas I’ve compiled after doing some web surfing.


Be “trashy” this year. Literally.

What you need: a black trash bag and some scissors. Cut it up and make an outfit entirely out of a trash bag dress. Hot glue a few items to represent garbage, and you’ve got yourself an outfit in less than ten minutes.


Looking for something that will get some laughs and allow you to wander the chilly October nights in comfort? Three words: crazy cat lady.

What you need: a robe, slippers, a wig and stuffed animals. Throw some curlers in your hair if you’re really trying to go all out. Try talking to your cats if you want to take your character to its highest potential.


One of the most eye-catching things I saw on Pinterest was real-life comic book characters. I actually had to stare at the picture for a while before believing it was a real person. You’ll have people doing double takes as they walk by you on the sidewalk with this costume.

What you need: multiple colors of face paint and a friend with a steady hand. There are tons of tutorials and examples online. You will look like you came straight out of the Sunday comics.


College and Halloween coincide to create the perfect time to dress up with your best friends. Sometimes group costumes get unoriginal, but one I’ve never seen before that is simple yet humorous is a bachelorette or bachelor party out on the town. Pick and “bride” or a “groom” and let the fake pre-wedding memories ensue.

What you need: Girls, grab your cutest cocktail dress. Guys, pick your best button downs, add some “last day being single” props and don’t forget a camera.


Kayla Smith can be reached at [email protected] or @Kayla_Smith1013 on Twitter.

Illustration by Liz Coffee.