Tree branch trimming ensures student safety

William Johnson and his crew working to trim branches near campus. Photo credit: Yang Dai

During the interval when the rain stopped this Tuesday, a group of workers from a gardening service company began to trim the trees lining up both sides of the city’s entire roads. This was to ensure the tree shape in either side of the roads was up to safety standards.

Consecutive days of winds and rain can loosen old tree branches, which have the potential risk of causing serious injury or death to pedestrians.

“To ensure the safety of students, today we begin to trim the tree branches neighboring the school,” said worker William Johnson.

This task focused mainly on the several roads around Chico State. It was estimated that two days were needed to trim the trees and clean the cut branches.

“If the rain destroys the trees and thus causes risks to pedestrian safety, please call 911 immediately or directly contact us for prompt help,” Johnson said.

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