Wanted: Chico college couches


College is the first chance students have to experiment with housing decor—overflowing trash cans, bongs as centerpieces and couches on porches.

The Chico City Council has officially passed an ordinance that will ban “indoor furniture” on residents’ porches and in the front of their properties in an effort to eliminate intentional couch fires.

124 cases of couch fires were reported in the last 12 months.

However, banning porch furniture is another easy way for the Chico community to better itself by directly targeting the college population.

It seems highly unlikely that citations would be issued to a family on Vallombrosa Avenue for their $2,300 outdoor furniture set from Costco— which is just as flammable as a wine-stained, 25-year-old couch— that has upholstered cushioning.

Chico has done a very effective job of passing ordinances this year that are creating a very clear line between different social and economic classes while also staying very gray in the distinctions of the ordinances.

Chico State and Butte College students need to be aware of these ordinances before they get passed in order for their voices to be heard when they disagree and want to speak up.

If students don’t pay attention and remain silent in the community, the council and city residents will continue to treat students like second-class citizens— much like the homeless community.

Another issue that arises from this new ordinance is what will become of the banned furniture. Typically what inspires people to burn something is when they no longer want it and have no way to dispose of it.

When citations start to be issued to violators, it is likely students will discard their furniture into the street where it will no longer be their problem.

In the street, people are likely to continue to light furniture on fire thus not solving any problems at all.

Students should talk to their landlords about what is or isn’t considered outdoor furniture when they move in.

When students make housing plans next year and excitedly discuss design choices, it might be best to leave Gram Gram and Papi’s orange velour couch in their garage.