Blood Cabana to embark on winter tour

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Blood Cabana to embark on winter tour

Photo courtesy of Blood Cabana.

Photo courtesy of Blood Cabana.

Photo courtesy of Blood Cabana.

Photo courtesy of Blood Cabana.

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Photo courtesy of Blood Cabana.

Chico metal band Blood Cabana will be on the road starting Dec. 2 for their “Initial Attack” winter tour. The band will be playing in 12 towns throughout California for its second tour.

The members shared their thoughts on touring and offered insight about what’s not-so-fun about going on the road.

What are you guys looking forward to the most on this tour?

Ben: Well, I’m just really excited. This is my first big tour with them. I just joined the band a couple months ago so, you know, this is going to be a pretty cool experience. I’m looking forward to spending time with the guys and learning some new stuff.

Any towns in particular that you’re excited for?

Jimmy: The Fairfield and Bakersfield date is when “Star Wars” is coming out.

Zach: We will be playing in Bakersfield that day and the flyer has, like, a Christmas Yoda on it. Those first five dates we will be with a band called With Wolves out of Sacramento. We are playing their hometown and in Chico at 1078 Gallery. So those shows, I think, will be pretty well-promoted and a good way to end the first five-day run. Gigantes from Chico will be at the 1078 Gallery show along with Tree Village from Grass Valley and another local band called Lightfinder, which will be their debut show.

Are you guys going to be playing material predominately off your last EP, “Hell is Paradise?”

Zach: We were just talking about that today. We have two new songs that were written around May and April, and then two that were written just recently in the last month or so. None of them are really like 100 percent complete, but a goal is to finish those ones up and hopefully play them on certain shows.

Zak: Yeah, we’re going to mainly stick to the ones on “Hell is Paradise.”

Ben: Jimmy was gone fighting fire. So us three were busy making music and practicing so we’ve got to teach him two songs.

Jimmy: Yeah, I need to catch up.

Zak: Luckily, I know the guitar for the new ones, so I was able to play it. But I kind of just put together that one song, “Lost Souls.” That is the one song I learned from just listening to it.

Anything you guys are not looking forward to on the road?

Ben: Top Ramen. It’s going to be cold.

Jimmy: Sleeping. We’ll probably be packing our sleeping bags.

Zak: Yeah, the sleeping situation sucks. Remember that one night when we all piled up in my car? We had to stick all of the band equipment in the front seat.

Zach: We didn’t have a lock for the U-Haul so we slept in the parking lot of the hotel instead of in the hotel we had booked. We were all freezing in the back of Zak’s car until he knocked on the window and told us to leave at, like, 6 a.m.

Zak: We were afraid our stuff was going to get stolen so we slept in my car.

Jimmy: Yeah, we will be more prepared on this tour.

Zak: Nothing really bad to happen though; it’s an experience.

Anything you want to say to the fans or readers out there?

Zach: New single coming out, “Black Dust.” It should be out Dec. 2. Get ready for it.


Blood Cabana will embark on their second tour beginning Dec. 2. Photo credit: Tom Sundgren

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