Look back at it: Chico 2015


Illustration by Kayce Tynan Photo credit: Kayce Tynan

Illustration by Kayce Tynan Photo credit: Kayce Tynan

Another year older, another year wiser. Well at least that’s what my parents keep telling me.

As this year is coming to a close, let’s all take a second to look back what happened throughout 2015 in Chico.

We started out the year with:

  • The underground club, Bassmint, takes stage under Peeking’s Restaurant.
  • The Keep Chico Weird talent show exposes hidden talent.
  • A bicyclist peddles through town on Super Bowl Sunday for the annual Paskenta Ride.
  • Hundreds of students gather for an anti-violence rally.
  • A.S. Elections begin to elect a new board.
  • In April, the Gender and Sexuality Equality Center hosts “Take Back the Night.”
  • The Thursday Night Farmers market opens downtown.
  • John Feeney is announced as the new chief of University Police.
  • The same-sex marriage law is enacted on June 27.
  • Chico State announces it will reduce its water usage by 43 percent because of the drought.
  • Construction on the Gus Manolis Bridge begins and is completed in November.
  • Chico State celebrates the Chico World Music Festival.
  • Halloween weekend saw less alcohol-related incidents compared to past years.
  • November kicks with a sustainability challenge.
  • Thanksgiving break came as a nice relief to stressed-out students.
  • Christmas Preview takes place downtown on Dec. 22.
  • Tree Lighting takes place on Dec. 4 downtown.

2015 brought about change and progress to Chico State and the city. It was a memorable year for us all. Let’s make 2016 even better.

Madeline Merlic can be reached at [email protected] or @MMerlic on Twitter.