Faculty Prepares for Possible Strike

Photo credit: Michael Catelli

Photo credit: Michael Catelli

Chico State faculty are planning to strike during the upcoming spring semester.

In an email sent to Chico State faculty, the strikers have stated, “This potential strike is about priorities. It is about how the resources of the state of California must be utilized wisely to promote the academic mission of the CSU, which is essential to the future.”

Staff from all 23 CSU campuses are planning to strike for higher wages and lower tuition, and will officially strike this semester if the CSU Chancellor does not address their demands.

“We would prefer not to go on strike” reads the email, “the best way to prevent a strike is to prepare for one and to make sure that our employer knows that we are ready to go on strike.”

The strikers have ask professors to start explaing to their students why a strike might be in their future.

To raise awareness about the issues and the upcoming strike, Chico State faculty has been asked to wear red or official “I Don’t Want to Strike, But I Will” t-shirts during the first week of classes.

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