Second semester is the time for redemption

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Photo credit: Helen Suh

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As we’ve all returned to Chico for the dreaded start of the new school semester, we must face one of the most inevitable parts of this return: self-reflection on our first semester. In this self-reflection, us students are forced to face the cold, hard truth, which is that we made a lot of mistakes first semester (grades, health, relationships, grades, money, grades…). As we look forward to new classes and schedules, we realize that it’s time to settle down and kick some serious second semester ass.

Students have a pattern of doing poorly in school first semester compared to our performance in second semester. The reason for this? For one, the start of the new year motivates many of us to make New Year’s resolutions for the upcoming school year: go to classes, do more homework, study in advance, spend more time at the library, etc. Pretty much all the things we should have done a lot more first semester, but waited to see proof of grades to admit to ourselves it’s finally time to buckle down.

Another reason for the new-found drive students feel at the beginning of the second semester is our motivation to improve life overall (another pro of the New Year’s resolutions sentiment). We want to go to the gym more, focus mainly on school, eat healthier, read more books, take up hobbies–all positive improvements that add to students’ willingness to put forth the effort to do great second semester.

After a long, cold winter break, we also find ourselves almost ready or wanting to get back to Chico and get back into our normal routine. Five weeks of winter break is a long time to take a pause from our everyday lives, and it’s easy to feel antsy or almost anxious to jump back into a productive routine, even if it means we must face school.

Whether this semester is looming in front of you like a dark cloud or you’re feeling optimistic and driven about it, I think we should all give thanks to first semester as well as any past semesters that allow us to learn from our mistakes. Although it sucks to wish we could have done differently in school, second semester is a refreshing new start that allows many of us to work hard and perform to our potential!

Emma Vidak-Benjamin can be reached at [email protected] or @gnarlyemma on Twitter.

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