Would Chico be the same if we had a football team?


Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

The fans cheering, tailgating and the thrill of beating a rival school are all elements that make up a great football game. Many Americans cherish the moments spent watching their favorite team. As we all know, Chico State lacks this facet of American culture, but is that a good thing? Although we miss out on some of the advantages, we may benefit more.

Having a football team would undoubtedly change our school. Many of the people that chose Chico, including myself, came already factoring in the lack of a football team. Having a football team would change the type of people who come here.

I decided early on that it was a positive for me because I was tired of school spirit and attending games where I only half cared if my school won. The one thing pulling me towards desiring a win was acknowledging that there would be a party after. That’s what’s so great about Chico, we don’t need a win to party, just Burnett’s.

Not having a football team also frees up time in the middle of the week where you may otherwise be watching a game. This free time can be used to join different campus associations or other productive things. Chico’s campus thrives off many different clubs, activities and other extracurricular options.

Many of these contribute to Chico, unlike a football team, which would drain its bank accounts and distract students. Not having a football team forces students to be creative with their time and pursue other things.

When I ponder what we are missing out on by not having a football team, the first thing that comes to mind is tailgating. Chico does drinking better than any other school, so imagine how great a Chico State tailgate would be. Basically it would be a shit show. Also, who doesn’t like barbecuing and drinking in a parking lot?

Another thing we miss out on is the camaraderie of all rooting for our team. Having a school team can be a conversation starter and makes people feel like they have something in common. Although we have other sports that we could come together over, there doesn’t seem to be anything quite like football.

The last benefit is the increased publicity the school would get. Having a football team definitely puts a school on the map and makes it more distinguishable.

Essentially what I’m saying is that a football team would ruin a lot of what makes Chico, Chico. At Chico State we make our own events, play our own games and can be social without campus intervention.

I think Chico is more sociable than other schools. This is because we’re not an exclusive group of people who depend on campus events to create social gatherings for us.

This is what creates the Chico vibe, a laid back school where you don’t need to join anything to feel included and it’s something that makes our school special.

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