Pot ban goes up in smoke


A dazed and confused ordinance proposal was stuck down at last Tuesday’s city council meeting trying to ban the already illegal Marijuana Photo credit: Miles Huffman & George Johnston

The city of Chico will not take any action against marijuana.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Chico city attorney Vince Ewing proposed an ordinance regarding the regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in Chico.

The proposal, which was defeated, would have banned medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery systems outright; even though dispensaries are already not allowed within city limits.

One area in the ordinance criticized heavily was a passage banning the transportation of marijuana. Some at the city council meeting argued that this did not allow anyone to even possess legal medical marijuana. Others stated that the ordinance was redundant, banning things that were already illegal.

With the upcoming presidential election this fall, and the possibility of legalized marijuana on the ballot, the city council has ultimately decided to put off the decision on what the city of Chico should do to regulate dispensaries and delivery services.

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