If your life could be an ’80s movie, which one would it be?


Christine Cotterill, first-year nutrition and food sciences major, would choose to be "The Breakfast Club" if given a choice. Photo credit: Miguel Orozco

Watch the video below to see students give their responses to that question:

To most people, when someone brings up the notorious decade of the ’80s, one of two things could happen. One, you don’t know what to think. Or two, a flood of poufy hair, classic tunes and the image of the guy from “The Breakfast Club” walking across a high school football field with his fist in the air overwhelms you.

A man named John Hughes was able to create many undeniably memorable movies in the ’80s that have continued to remain popular regardless of what decade we are in.

To some people, the characters in these films resulted in fantasies and wild expectations that seem to be quite the opposite of what recent generations exhibit.

“Boys in the ’80s were very chivalrous and now they’re not, obviously,” said sophomore liberal studies major, Molly Bertz. “They don’t go out of their way to show big gestures of love. I want someone to ride on a lawnmower and play a boom box for me.”

The reality is that these are also hard-hitting movies. Hughes was able to take problems most teens face and turn it into something the viewer could relate to.

In “Pretty in Pink” Molly Ringwald’s character worried about putting food on the table and dealt with sexual harassment from a tool at her high school. On the other hand, no one could deny the legendary way Ferris Bueller managed to fake being sick in order to ditch school and spend an unforgettable day in Chicago in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

“I feel like we’re the first example of the relevance of ’80s movies because our parents are the ones that grew up with that, you know,” said Ivy Myricks, sophomore communication sciences and disorders major. “I’m definitely gonna have my kids watch those.”

A Twitter poll reaching The Orion A&E followers asking, “If your life could be a John Hughes movie what would it be?” showed that 67 percent of voters wanted their lives to be like “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Hughes was able to create films that reflected the inspirations and ideals that those who watched couldn’t imagine. His movies left an impact on people everywhere. From the music still being played on the radio, certain fashion trends making a comeback and the amount of times other modern films have referenced his movies. For example, like “Easy A.” Hughes’ coming of age films from the ’80s are movies that represent an era that cannot be replicated, making them timeless for any generation.

“’80s movies have a real ’80s feel to it,” said sophomore CDES major Sam Pickup. “They got all like the really lame haircuts and the cheesy montage music in the background and it’s just brilliant, and there’s no way like any movies can replicate that kinda feel.”

If you haven’t experienced a John Hughes classic, “Pretty in Pink” is playing at Tinseltown Theater Feb.14 and 17 for its 30th anniversary.

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