Snow club continues to climb

Thembiso Mawema

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Photograph by Gemz Photography Chance Egure flies high into a backflip.

Photograph by Gemz Photography
Chance Egure flies high into a backflip.

After a long day of school in the hot Chico weather, a group of students took to the slopes to cool off and practice their moves.

The entire purpose of the Snow Club is to get people up to the mountain to snowboard or ski, said Chance Egure, president of the Snow Club.

“Typically we rent out a cabin in Tahoe every two weeks and we send a few people up there to enjoy a good weekend and hang out and talk over time.” he said. “Not many people are able to rent out a place there the entire year so what we provide is just an easy access and a way for people to get up there for a cheap price.”

The Snow Club is a great escape from stressful days at school and an amazing getaway from regular day-to-day activities. Egure said. Being a part of the Snow Club is a good deal and very wallet-friendly.

“It costs $25 to join the club,” Egure said. “That gets you on the email and carpool list to go up to the mountains. Every night at cabin is $20, and we provide food for the first night.”

Those who are interested in being a part of the club or learning more about it will always have the opportunity to speak to members, because they table often.

“We will table about every three weeks before actual snow comes, and every two weeks before a cabin trip we will table to get people to sign up for that trip and give everyone an equal opportunity to jump on because they fill up pretty fast,” Egure said. We have more club members than spots usually.”

Liz Waters has been a member of the Snow Club for two seasons and is ecstatic about the upcoming season.

“I joined the club because I want to make new friends and I can do something I love at the same time,” she said. “I’ve met some really down-to-earth people and I like the time that I’ve spent with them, and I’m definitely looking forward to getting to go up to the mountains with them.”

Waters’ favorite thing about the club is that members get to know each other through fun team-building exercises. She also designed the club’s T-shirt.

“I can’t say I’m very good at snowboarding,” she said. “But I’m hoping to get better and I’m sure they’ll help me.”


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