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Margie Mitchell hands a student viewing glasses at the Glenn Lawn eclipse viewing party. Photo Credit: Natalie Hanson

Margie Mitchell hands a student viewing glasses at the Glenn Lawn eclipse viewing party. Photo Credit: Natalie Hanson

Margie Mitchell hands a student viewing glasses at the Glenn Lawn eclipse viewing party. Photo Credit: Natalie Hanson

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The Orion is providing a “photo of the day” to capture the many events, activities and interesting people on campus. Check back each day on the website to see a photo that encompasses an interesting aspect of the campus and community on that particular day.


May 12 - Social work major Houa Yang prepares for graduation by taking pictures in front of Trinity Hall with her brother. (Photo credit: Natasha Doron)
May 4 - First-year pre-nursing major Nicole Michaels enjoys the rose garden on campus. (Photo credit: Abigail Jones)
May 2 - Willie the Wildcat wipes his brow while digging a hole for the 2017 time capsule buried in front of Kendall Hall. (Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)
May 1 - As the semester winds down, the bike racks are noticeably filling up. (Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues)
April 27 - Chelsea Lakis (left) and Marie Fox (right) discuss Chelsea's artwork in her show, "How it Felt" located in Ayres Hall. (Photo credit: Abigail Jones)
April 25 - Music education majors Juanita Ortiz, Jessica Severance and Maija Dindzans play the Harry Potter theme song on their clarinets in front of Kendall Hall. (Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)
April 24 - Several students tried to enjoy the sun today right before a few spring showers decided to show up. (Photo credit: Jordyn Smith)
April 21 - Senior Chelsea Lakis works on her BFA final project in the wood shop room in Ayers. (Photo credit: Natasha Doron)
April 20 - Students enjoy the nice weather and the shade of the trees in front of Kendall Hall.(Photo credit: Abigail Jones)
April 19 - Senior nutrition food and sciences major Maribel Rivera takes a break in between classes to admire the current exhibition being shown at the Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology.(Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
April 18 - Chico State students participate in Dear World an award-winning portrait project in the BMU auditorium. (Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)
April 13 - A tree was struck by lighting near Bidwell Mansion, crushing nine cars earlier on Thursday.(Photo credit: George Johnston)
April 12 - Graduating business marketing major Mckenna Matteoni fills up her reusable water bottle in an attempt to "Take Back the Tap", a motto used to discourage the use of plastic water bottles.(Photo credit: Jordyn Smith)
April 11 - Protesters clash on campus outside of Glenn Hall for the abortion controversy stirred by the graphic images displayed.(Cortneanne Campbell)
April 10 - Senior graphic design major David Molina helps out junior graphic design student Rosemary Derby with her hand bound book for publication design. (Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues)
April 7 - Jessica Standerfer, art major graduating in fall of 2017, works on her ceramics project.(Photo credit: Natasha Doron)
April 5 – The career fair is in full effect on campus today! Over 50 companies have gathered together today in order to help wildcats find their dream job or internship.(Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
April 4 - Junior biology majors, Yunuen Coria and Caroline Weatherford, chat with each other in between classes next to the creek.(Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)
April 3 - Kamron Moayedi, Junior Liberal Studies major works on his luchador wax sculpture in the shop in Ayres Hall. (Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues)
March 28 - Junior construction management major, Jay Ruan gets his bike chain worked on by junior mechanical engineering major, Dylan Stroup.(Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues)
March 28 - Maddy LaRocque, a senior business marketing major, enjoys a nice run on one of the many treadmills at the WREC.(Photo credit: Jordyn Smith)
March 24 - CSU Chico alumni, J'Anna Jacoby returns to Chico today to speak with students about her career as a touring violinist and recording artist in the Zingg Recital Hall.(Photo credit: Natasha Doron)
March 23 - Senior entrepreneurship major, Charlie Conrad hustles his way through day by sharpening knife sets for $5.(Photo credit: Franky Renteria)
March 22 - Senior art major Travis Cunningham is seen working on his assignment with clay in the Arts and Humanities Building. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
March 21 - First-year music major Ellie Flynn and junior music major Katy Wright joke with each other while working on homework outside of the Chico State sign. (Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)
March 20 - "We Are One University", "We Are Chico State" read the signs next the the Arts & Humanities building. (Photo Credit: Jordan Rodrigues)
March 10 - An absence of foot traffic in Downtown Chico suggests the start of a much needed spring break. (Photo credit: Jenny Salazar)
March 7 - Junior graphic design major Mackenzie Barry adds her positive thoughts on the walls of the BSO Space in Ayres Hall. (Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)

March 6 - Senior psychology major Gina Royster laces up her shoes after an intense core strengthening class in Acker Gymnasium. (Photo credit: Jordyn Smith)

March 3 - Junior liberal studies major Malia Myricks takes a break by listening to music while watching the water travel through the Big Chico Creek. (Photo credit: Jenny Salazar)
March 2 - Graduating students register for commencement at the Grad Fest in the Bell Memorial Union. (Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)
Feb. 28 - Josette Strokes, a third-year in the computer animation and game development program with her main focus in animation, works on her 3D model attempting to make it run. (Photo credit: Abigail Jones)
Feb. 27 - Sophomore psychology major, Tina Artiges prepares herself for her interval training class at the WREC by putting her weights on the barbell and water in place. (Photo credit: Jordyn Smith)
Feb. 23 - First-year English literature and musical theater major, Allie Mueting plays frisbee with her friends on the lawn outside Glenn Hall. (Photo credit: Jordyn Smith)
Feb. 23 - Sophomore business management administration major Sammie Siviy is seen working on her glass blowing assignment in the Arts and Humanities building. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
Feb. 22 - Seniors at Chico State have been waiting in line at Rileys for Kum Laude, since 6:30 a.m. this morning. (Photo credit: Franky Renteria)
Feb. 21 - Third year Art Education major Jolynn Hiram etching into a linoleum block in the print workshop in Ayers for her socio-political statement project for her print class. (Photo credit: Natasha Doron)
Feb. 20 - Students participate in a business fashion show sponsored by Kohl's which exhibits the appropriate attire for office and interview settings. (Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell)
Feb. 17 - Graduate student Garrick Hargrove works on his Master of Fine Arts house sculpture in the wood shop located in Ayers. (Photo Credit: Natasha Doron)
Feb. 15 - Senior nursing major Kirsten Deniss works diligently to provide great tasting coffee in Sylvester's Cafe. (Photo Credit: Floritzel Salvador)
Feb. 14 - In the second day of rush, Lambda Chi Alpha is in full force. (Photo Credit: Franky Renteria)
Feb. 10 - Students network and learn about careers from professionals in the field of biology and environmental science at Selvester's Cafe. (Photo Credit: Cortneanne Campbell)

Feb. 9 - Dominique Parkin signs up for the WORD poetry slam at the BMU this evening. (Photo Credit: Franky Renteria)

Feb. 8 - Despite the harsh wind today, the Draw Art Do Art club sells artwork made by Chico State students to raise money for the Art Education Program.

From left to right: senior Marie Fox, is a double major in art education and art studio and senior Lisa Abbott is completes her credentials in art education. (Photo Credit: Floritzel Salvador)
Feb. 7 - Senior psychology major Hanna Jones works on her glass blowing project in the Arts and Humanities building with help from graduate student Dave Piper. (Photo Credit: Natasha Doron)
Feb. 3 - Sophomore liberal studies and art education major Gisela Ramirez works on her ceramics project. In the beginning of the semester, she created sketches of an intertwined sun and moon, which she hopes to bring to life with her artistic abilities. (Photo credit: Natasha Doron)
Feb. 1 - Chico State's Students for Quality Education protest against the 5 percent increase in tuition that is said to be discussed on Feb. 1 by the Board of Trustees in Long Beach in front of Kendall Hall. Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador
Jan. 31 - Third year anthropology major Ashley Mcgraw creates an animal horn for her first assignment in the ceramics studio. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Jan. 27 - B.F.A interior architecture major Jason Snedeker gets an early start on his preliminary sketches for his corporate design studio, a semester long project. Photo credit: Natasha Doron
Jan. 25 - Student Eddie Flores admires one of the many photos in the BFA gallery located in Ayers Hall. Photo credit: Lexi Hoedt
Jan. 24 - Junior management major Noah Villegas picks up a new pair of headphones at the A.S. Bookstore to get him through the new semester. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Dec. 9 - Ceramics students sell the various types of pottery they've created during this semester. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Dec. 6 - Senior nutrition sciences major Haley Gordon relieves some stress at the petting zoo set up in front of the Wildcat Recreation Center. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Nov. 28 - The cold is not stopping Dalton McBride, a senior recreation therapy and Spanish major, from attempting a 16-foot bungee pole vault. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Nov. 18 - Members of the Orientation & New Student program pose with Willie the Wildcat for Spring Orientation. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Nov. 17 - Business management major Hailey Miller observes "The Creatures In My Head" piece at the TABOO art show this evening. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Nov. 16 - On Glenn lawn, flags were bound into the ground to honor the lives lost due to acts of violence against transgender and gender variant people.
Nov. 15 - Senior graphic design major Marc Strohwig hand bounds a book for a publication design class. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Nov. 14 - International education week kicked off by recognizing Chico State's Visiting Scholars. International Affairs Office also celebrated Chico State's No. 2 ranking for the number of students sent abroad for a full academic year or longer. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Nov. 9 - The 6th Street Center for Youth set up this couch surfing scene near the Merriam Library to make a point about youth homelessness. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Nov. 8 - Senior management and information systems major Vincent Le reminds students that this election is about more than just the president. "The only vote that's wasted, is a vote not used," he said. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Nov. 7 - Senior Bachelor of Fine Arts ceramics major, Caitlin Francis is hard at work, creating a new piece for her intermediate ceramics class. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Nov. 4 - Nick Williams leads a tour group of prospective Chico State students through campus. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Nov. 3 - Students in the Plumas Hall studio get a lesson on product fashion photography from professor Aaron Draper. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Nov. 2 - Sales manager at Altria Distribution Mindy Honea talks with Michael Bassetto, an exercise physiology major at this years career and internship fair at the BMU auditorium. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Nov. 1 - Junior computer animation major George Thao works on a class assignment in Chico State's wood shop. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Oct. 31 - Students drop pumpkins off of Butte Hall for local elementary school students to promote science on Halloween. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Oct. 28 - Chico State students try to stay dry while walking to and from class in the early morning rain. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Oct. 27 - Senior graphic design major Tess Kaufman gets in the Halloween spirit and carves pumpkins for a class photo shoot. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Oct. 26 - The Chico State Tiny House Club promoted their newest house on campus before shipping it to Habitat for Humanity. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Oct. 25 - Garrick Hargrove, an MFA in sculpture, works on his thesis project that explores what it's like to be biracial in America. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Oct. 24 - Today is the last day to register to vote, so throw on those rain boots and head down to the BMU Auditorium at 6 p.m. for the Wildcats Vote event. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Oct. 20 - Professor Robert Herhusky and his students work on a beautiful piece in their glass blowing class. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Oct. 19 - The Associated Students Bike Cart Auction auctions off bikes from UPD that the Bike Cart refurbishes. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Oct. 18 - Noelle Santana, a senior and communication design major, showing off her skills with her lacrosse stick while promoting a fundraising event for the Chico State Women's Lacrosse team. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Oct. 17 - Senior recording arts and music industry major Darian Hagstrom taps away on his practice drum pad in front of Kendall Hall. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Oct. 14 - Dave Piper (far right) advises Chico State students as they attempt intricate glass blowing techniques in the Arts & Humanities Building. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Oct. 13 - An Huang, a sophomore interior architecture major critiques some work in an open studio located in the new Arts and Humanities building. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Oct. 12 - Dayton Allegra, a 20 year old construction management student at Chico State signs the "Before I Die" blackboard in front of the BMU. His post reads "Before I die... I want to go to Sweden." Photo credit: Sean Martens
Oct. 11 - Deisi Enriquez a senior studio art and art education major doing meticulous detail work on her mermaid themed ceramics piece. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Oct. 10 - Sophomore animal science major Connor O'Leary admires the view of Big Chico Creek from the newly re-opened Physical Science bridge connecting Holt Hall to the Physical Science Building. The bridge allows better access to campus in case of an emergency. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Oct. 7 - Karanda Hyatt pets Chico Police Department K-9, Luna, at a Friday afternoon demonstration. Photo credit: Matthew Manfredi
Oct. 6 - Senior exercise physiology major Austin Fleming wraps up his shift at the Wildcat store before the weekend. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Oct. 5 - Dillon Brown receives a sticker badge from a California Highway Patrol officer for wearing his seat belt at the "Campus Community Night Out" event held on Glenn Hall lawn. Photo credit: Molly Sullivan
Oct. 4 - Students from the Chico State Democrat club hand out free hot dogs at Trinity Commons to encourage students to vote for the city council positions up for re-election. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Sept. 30 - Construction continues on the new Physical Science Bridge, it's estimated to be done by October. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Sept. 29 - Aaron Draper's applied photography and digital imaging course works on a splash demo in the Big Chico Creek on campus today. The splash of water is being captured in motion and then put into photoshop in order to be edited into photos. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Sept. 28 - Kay Bennett and Sara Stinson of Action News Now, interview Chico State student Jerad Provost. Provost is speaking about the candlelight vigil hosted by the Black Student Union, which is being held at Trinity Commons today at 7:30 p.m. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Sept. 27 - First-year computer engineer major, Omar Alhajjiand and electrical engineer major Ali Algattan, take some time to get their heart rates up in a match of ping pong before getting back to their studies. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Sept. 26 - Students, faculty and staff gather for #BlackInChico protest on Monday afternoon at Trinity Commons. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Sept. 23 - Third-year business and art major Kelsey Fernandez (left) and first-year biochemistry major Alyssa Beltran (right) discuss their weekend plans outside the Marketplace Cafe. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Sept. 22 - Junior nursing major Katelyn Alvarez gets a vaccine ready for flu shots in the Meriam Library breezeway. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Sept. 21 - Nick Cunningham, a 20 year old music industry major checks out the newest art piece at the Jacki Headley Art Gallery. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Sept. 20 - A dragon and a knight prepare for an epic battle at the Dragons: Tails of Myth and Meaning Exhibition in the Museum of Anthropology, located on the first floor of the Janet Turner Print Museum. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Sept.19 - Senior studio arts major, Chris Michalik, works on his art piece in his advanced painting class. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Sept. 15 - First year criminal justice major, Alejandro Michel shopping at the poster sale outside of the Bell Memorial Union. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Sept. 14 - Junior political science major, Chris Reik, reads on campus before giving a presentation for his next class. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Sept. 13 - Junior civil engineering major, Juan Barrios, measures the distance from the stop sign to the curb to reference signs that control traffic and traffic safety around campus. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Sept. 12 - Irene Velasco-Pacheco, junior accounting major, heads to her early Monday class with coffee in hand. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Sept. 9 - First year biology major, Nousheen Mahmud indulges herself in a romance novel called "The Japanese Lover" by Isabel Allende. Photo credit: Cortneanne Campbell
Sept. 7 - The Wildcat logo fills in with cans from donated students for Wildcats Can. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Sept. 6 - Seniors Franky Rentaria, Mark Grover and Gianna Passalacqua are headed to the Banshee after class to eat lots of food. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
Sept. 2 - Psychology major and grad student Brittany Ingersoll walks down Chestnut Street on her way to the WREC before the three-day long weekend. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Sept. 1 - Aaron Draper teaches students how to use the studio for the first time in Applied Photography and Digital Imaging course. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Aug. 31 - Seniors Teresa Quintero and Nicholle Schmidt decide to jump the train in a last chance effort to get to class on time. Photo credit: Sean Martens
Aug. 30
Aug. 29 - David Reeves, religious studies major, and Makina Jones, pre-nursing major, relax near Big Chico Creek between classes. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
Aug. 26 - Sabrina Gabriel, a junior agricultural science and education major, kicks off her Friday with a stroll through the George Petersen Rose Garden.
Aug. 25 - Senior entrepreneur major Charlie Conrad skates to class, awaiting the end of the week. Photo credit: Franky Renteria
Aug. 24 - Students representing the Chico State Christian Challenge tent, duel in a little bit of arcade basketball.
Aug. 23 - Students fill the bike racks in front of Butte Hall as classes are now in full swing. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros
August 22- Senior Agriculture Business major, Tanner Walker checks his blackboard for assignments on his first, last day of school. Photo credit: Jordan Rodrigues
May 16 - If finals week has you stressed out, stop by the George Peterson Rose Garden and get some zen in your life. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
May 13 - Graduating students can pick up their cap and gowns until May 19  in BMU 008. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall)
May 12 - Izzy Edwards, environmental science major, gets her zen on during her yoga class outside. (Photo credit: George Johnston)
May 11 - Students are practicing some juggling on the lawn outside of Kendall Hall. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans)
May 10 - Students are continuing to register people on campus to vote. If you haven't registered yet, stop by The Gauntlet. (Photo credit: Miguel Orozco)
May 9 - Graduating seniors can now pick up their gowns and graduation caps in BMU. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
May 6 - Joe Wills, director of Public Affairs for Chico State, tried on hats for the photo booth at the campus' farewell to President Zingg. (Photo credit: George Johnston)
May 5 - Caitlyn Francis and Madelynn Dubin, senior ceramics majors, have been selling their work to students in the Gauntlet. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall)
May 4 - PATH Scholars are giving away free pizza in the Trinity Commons area to promote National Foster Care Awareness Month. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans)
May 3 - Jose Costa, senior agriculture major, measures the stem water potential in the trees on campus. (Photo credit: Miguel Orozco)
May 2 -  The Office of Civic Engagement held their first annual Community-Campus Meet & Match today at the Creekside Courtyard. The goal of this event is to help build relationships with members of the community and students. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
April 29 - Lucy Fiore comes to the Meriam Library and reads books when her daughter works on the third floor. (Photo credit: George Johnston)
April 28 - Roxy is just one of the dogs tabling today for the Butte Humane Society. She is 3-months-old and is currently looking to be adopted. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall)
April 27 - Alpha Epsilon Pi is working with Hillel, a Jewish student union, to raise money to increase genetic diversity for bone marrow transplants. For a small donation, you can throw a pie at one of these lovely faces. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans)
April 26 - Chico State seniors preparing to graduate can sign their names on a banner outside of the BMU today. (Photo credit: Miguel Orozco)
April 25 - Corinne Rhodes, senior health services administration major and blood drive volunteer, hands city councilman Randal Stone a card so he can donate blood. (Photo credit: George Johnston)
April 22 - Finals are coming! Jared Lunt, junior electronic engineering major, is using the whiteboards on the fourth floor of Meriam Library to study. (Photo credit: George Johnston).
April 21 - It's 75 degrees and a great day to sit by the Chico creek. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall).
April 20 - The organization FARM is handing out one dollar bills to students who watch a documentary on how farm animals are mistreated. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall).
April 19 - Michael Hawkins tables on campus every day to get students registered to vote. The registration date for this year's election is Oct. 15. (Photo credit: Miguel Orozco).
CADEC used chairs to symbolize deaths from prescription drug overdose. Photo Credit: Floritzel Salvador
April 15 - Flowers are blooming in the George Peterson Rose Garden this morning. (Photo credit: George Johnston).
April 14 - Alpha Omnicron Pi sells ice cream on campus to raise money for arthritis. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall).
April 13 - The Student Philanthropy Club on campus raises money to improve aspects of campus that will benefit students. The club has raised over $4,000 so far. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans).
April 12 - Paul Zingg awarded Courtney Hudson the Glenn Kendall Public Service award and Steve Galloway the President's Academic Excellence award. (Photo credit: John Domogma).
April 11 - Butte Hall is decorated with a curtain of water bottles today in protest of single use water bottles being sold on campus. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador).
April 8- Students starting their morning by getting their coffee fix at Common Grounds Coffee (Photo Credit: George Johnston)
April 7 - Matt Castillo, junior music industry major, works on campus to register voters as Democrats. Castillo says that there have been an average amount of students showing up to register. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall).
April 6 - The Career and Job Internship Fair is happening today in the Bell Memorial Union Auditorium. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans).
April 5 - Phillip Daley is the winner of the Chico Multi-collegiate Decathlon. (Photo credit: John Domogma).
April 4 - Outside of Butte Hall students can see a "Halt the Waste" sign to promote the Zero Waste Initiative. (Photo credit: Floritzel Sandoval).
April 1 - Safety crew works to remove trees near the physical sciences building to make campus safer. (Photo credit: George Johnston).
March 30 - KCSC is promoting their radio station outside of the BMU by selling cupcakes. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans).
March 28 - The Chico State Democratic club are tabling outside of the BMU to get students registered to vote in November. Allison Smith, senior Asian studies major (left), Logan Wolveston, senior public administration major (middle), and Jeremy Markley, senior political science major (right), are leading the club. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador).
March 25 - Austin Hamilton, senior mechanical engineering major, gets pied in the face multiple times by Emmanuel Ramirez, senior electrical engineering major, for Tau Beta Pi day outside of Langdon Hall. (Photo credit: George Johnston).
March 24 - Alpha Delta Pi is raising money for the Ronald McDonald house charity outside of the Bell Memorial Union by selling pancakes. Get them while they're hot! (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall).
March 23 - Student musicians with SOTA productions performed outside the Bell Memorial Union to kick off an event for the sustainability conference. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans).
March 22 - Kelly Linder, University Art Gallery curator, sits on artist Trevor Laguna outside of the Performing Arts Center. Laguna is doing an artistic representation of daily objects in human form. (Photo credit: John Domogma).
March 21 - Spring is officially here at Chico State. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador).
March 11 - Raindrops keep falling in front of Butte Hall on this wet Friday before spring break. (Photo credit: George Johnston).
March 10 - Neil Cronin, senior recreation administration major, is trying to get signatures to stop Associated Students from selling water bottles. Chico State BYOB advocates for free water and different forms of sustainability. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall).
March 9 - The College of Agriculture is selling organic crops grown on the University Farm  on campus. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans).
March 8 - Roger Ramirez (left), mechanical engineering major, and Khalid Alotaibi, project management major, table for CALMENA (Creativity and Adaptive Leadership in the Middle East and North America). The organization promotes cultural education, growth and leadership. They are currently also promoting self defense by giving students a discount for a class at Azad's Martial Arts Family Center. (Photo credit: John Domogma).
March 7 - The creek running through campus is at an all-time high after the heavy rain this past weekend. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador).
March 4 - After a few dry weeks, the blossoms outside Sylvester's Cafe soak up some much needed water. (Photo credit: George Johnston).
March 3 - Grab a hot dog at Pi Sigma Epsilon's fundraising booth in The Gauntlet. Patrick Wong, senior psychology major, is promoting the food in a festive costume. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall).
March 2 - The Study Abroad fair is taking place in the quad outside of the BMU. Students can ask questions regarding the different programs and services. (Photo credit: Aurora Evans).
March 1 - Hana Jones, psychology and art studio major, is currently working on a project where she is making wax sculptures from paris molds, which are made from melted glass. Students work on this project in Robert Herhersky's glass design class in Ayres Hall. (Photo credit: John Domogma).
March 1 - Students can now get a close look at "Facewall," a mural on the side of the new Arts & Humanities building that displays 996 silhouettes of student faces. (Photo credit: Miles Huffman).
Feb. 29 - This is the view many Wildcats get to see if they pass through the rugby field in the morning. (Photo credit: Floritzel Salvador)
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  1. Robin Carter on April 26th, 2016 11:58 am

    Thank you to the 139 registered donors yesterday at the CSUC blood drive! I would also like to thank Staff Council, Alpha Chi and Theta Chi for hosting the event. Working together, we do save lives!



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