Student Philanthropy Council raises $4,000


SPC ambassadors lead a meeting. Photo credit: Ryan Corrall

The new Student Philanthropy Council has raised close to $4,000 for the college.

The council is a non-profit organization established in August 2015 to raise money for the university and its resources.

All the money collected helps fund campus resources such as the Career Center or the extended staff needed in the library during finals week.

The goal of the council is to spread the word about giving back. It encourages current students, alumni, parents and community members to give to Chico State.

Being a part of SPC has taught me that Chico State truly cares about student success and provides so many opportunities for students to succeed,” said Larissa Thornburg, the council’s president.

Larissa Thornburg, council president. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall). 


The council currently has 29 members. Everyone who is already a part of the club is a founding member. Students who choose to join through the end of the current semester will also receive the founding member title.

Members who are actively participating are required to get at least 50 donors throughout the semester. Along with that, they also have to acquire one organization that gives them 100 percent certification. These are organizations on campus such as sororities, fraternities and any others.

“With each organization we’re spreading the word to many students at once. This allows us to get multiple donations at one time, and sometimes that is more than we receive in a week when tabling,” Thornburg said.

In the short time the SPC has been active, not only has the council received donations from 1,343 students, but they also have been actively participating in volunteer projects.

Last month the SPC paired with University Advancement to put on “Love Every Body Week.” During that week, they helped put on different events every day to spread awareness about positive body images and eating disorders.

Thornburg said each day the students help put on different events to show their love for Chico State and the community. The council has partnered with Blood Source Chico to put on a blood drive. Some other events include: showing their spirit at a baseball game, giving students goodie bags in the library, and giving away fun prizes to students for following along with a “Where’s Willy the Wildcat?” game.

The council has also worked with the Board of Governors, helping at any university event that the board puts on. Late last month, three of the ambassadors were honored at a dinner hosted by the Board of Governors. The board has an etiquette dinner coming up at the end of this month that many of the council members will be attending.

Darrell Chambers, vice president of communications for the council. (Photo credit: Ryan Corrall). 

“Our next biggest event that we have planned is ‘Senior Send Off,’ which will take place this upcoming April,” said Darrell Chambers, vice president of communications for the council.

Chambers said this is an event for seniors to celebrate all of the work they have done throughout their time at Chico State.

The council will be working with the Alumni Association to help put on this event. There will be giveaways, barbecue, a photo booth and many community vendors there to help the students celebrate.

The council is still accepting new members and anyone is welcome to join. To apply, visit their website, pick up an application from one of the members tabling, or stop by their headquarters located at Sapp Hall on the corner of West Third Avenue and Normal Street.

“Chico State truly cares about student success and provides so many opportunities for students to succeed,” Thornburg said. “I am so happy to be able to support all the current and future students of Chico State because this college has given me so much.”

To donate to the Student Philanthropy Council, visit their website or Facebook page.

Kayla Fitzgerald can be reached at [email protected] or @kaylafitz_20 on Twitter.