President-select Gayle Hutchinson returns to Chico State


Newly selceted Chico State president Gayle Hutchinson return to the campus for a meet and greet with Chico State faculty and students Photo credit: George Johnston

Michelle Zhu

Chico State’s newly President-select Gayle Hutchinson returned to campus for a meet and greet with faculty and students in the Bell Memorial Union building Wednesday.

Before mingling with the crowd, Hutchinson gave a speech about what she intends to do at Chico State.

She began her speech by stating she wants keep to Chico State’s positive condition strong and then enhance it, with the support of the community.

Hutchinson also said she intends to get to know the students very closely.

“Any way I can interact with students, through community service, events, or informal opportunities to get together, I will do,” Hutchinson said.

Associated Students President Deanna Jarquin said the new President-select “Comes off as humble. Anyone she’s talking to feels like they’re the most important person.”

University Police Chief John Feeney thinks the right person was selected for the position.

“Seeing and hearing excitement on campus is a breath of fresh air,” he said.

Hutchinson is the first female president at Chico State and the first openly gay college president in the California State University System.

She will officially start as President of Chico State in July.

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