‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ didn’t need to get any fatter

Promotional photo from official Facebook page.

Promotional photo from official Facebook page.

The Portakolos won our hearts in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”

Toula Portakolo, a young Greek woman from a huge, loud, hell-raising family did the unthinkable: She fell in love with a non-Greek man. The family believed that all a woman had to look forward to in life was to get married and have a family. However, strong in their cultural pride, they insisted that it be with a Greek man.

We followed the sweet story of Toula and Ian fighting the odds and gaining the family’s support to later help them put on the biggest, fattest, most outstanding Greek wedding.

We left off with Toula and Ian settling into their generous wedding gift from her parents: a new house right next door to theirs. We assumed they lived happily ever after. Now with the sequel, released on March 25, we can know for sure.

I wondered how they could possibly make a second movie; the first one came out almost 15 years ago. Although a bit cheesy at times, the film does successfully bring back the Portakolo family as we know and love them.

The storyline in the sequel involves a big fat Greek wedding yet again. Only this time it’s between Maria and Gus, Toula’s parents. They came to America together over 50 years ago as immigrants and never got the chance to have a proper wedding ceremony.

It was delightful to once again see the warm, close-knit family join together to plan a wedding for the people they love. I was impressed that 15 years later, each person stayed so true to their characters.

The sequel also featured Toula and Ian’s now 17-year-old daughter, Paris, who is in the process of applying to universities and finding a date to the prom: typical 17-year-old things.

The first movie reminds you of the importance of family and kind of makes you want to be Greek. It was a sweet film.

During the second one, I had a laugh here and there, but I don’t think a sequel was really necessary.

I give “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” a solid 3/5 rating. It definitely wasn’t terrible, and the quirky cast was nice to see a second time around.

If you’re a die-hard fan of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” or want to see a possibly skewed glimpse of what it’s like to be Greek, I recommend seeing it this week but only if you watch the first one beforehand.

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