The O-Face: Road head

Chantal Richards
Chantal Richards

I have one item on my bucket list I have yet to do: giving a guy road head.

The thing that always stops me is fearing he will lose control the minute I have my mouth over his shaft and him spinning us both into a pole.

I imagine me biting down, in this case, and both of us having very sore heads, if he has not lost his by then.

That image aside, I have always wanted to do this. Mind you, I need someone who can stay in control of the car at all times.

There are a few do’s and don’ts of giving road head.

Know the road before going down on him. You don’t want to come up on a bump and not expect it.

Don’t sit on his lap or do something stupid.

Don’t bite or hurt him to get him more riled up.

Communicate but don’t intentionally attempt to distract him. He is driving.

Don’t hold anything else in your hand like a cigarette. One mistake on the road can lead to a big problem, like burning him or you.

Try not to bop your head too much. Some men get embarrassed and people can see you giving head more obviously.

Pick a back road you are familiar with. You don’t want to drive down unfamiliar areas because you can’t anticipate potholes, speed bumps and bends in the road.

Don’t drive faster. The adrenaline and excitement can get to you but keeping a steady foot on the gas will ensure you aren’t pulled over by a cop or lose control of the car.

Do not push her head down further onto your dick. Keep both hands on the wheel and let her do her thing. If you want her to deep throat, say so.

Have fun but if you feel you are going to lose control over the car, pull over. Better safe than lying in a ditch.

Speak up to your partner if you cannot control yourself and do not close your eyes to savor the moment.

Road head is fun and thrilling. It gets adrenaline pumping and is great. Be cautious when giving road head because the last thing you want is the both of you in a car accident or being arrested for doing things that distract you from driving.

Do road head as safely as possible.

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