Elks Lodge gets exotic and erotic

Photograph by Kasey Judge Aaron Miller and Ashley Rishton dressed in elaborate demon costumes and won a $750 cash prize.
Photograph by Kasey Judge
Aaron Miller and Ashley Rishton dressed in elaborate demon costumes and won a $750 cash prize.

The room is crowded with adults in barely-there clothing, who came to play in a safe environment the weekend before Halloween.

Power 102 and Epic productions hosted the third annual Exotic Erotic Party at the Elk Lodge October 23.

The dimly lit room features a dance floor, bars serving Coors Light, Fireball Shots and Witch’s Brew among black bar tables where people mingle.

The costumes people were wearing were the usual sexy witches, nurses, devils and vampires.

But there were also unconventional costumes everywhere, including a man painted as a tiger with Rocky Horror style gold briefs on. Women wore tape covering the bare minimum, dressed in lingerie or sported nothing but body paint and fishnet stockings. There were even a few men dressed as penises or had visible genitalia on their costumes.

Bryan Fox, the Promotions and Marketing Director for Results Radio, worked with DJ’s and local businesses to put on this event.

“Chico is full of over 25-year-olds who are tired of the bar scene,” Fox said. “This is an alternative for the local crowd other than Downtown.”

Fox graduated from Chico State in 2002 with a Music Industry degree.

The event hosted local businesses such as Epic Productions and Elite Sound, Holbrook’s, Playtime 4 You, Coors Light and We do Events.

Paul Fink, owner of Playtime 4 You, promoted his business during the event by giving demonstrations of how body tape can be a sexy alternative to lingerie.

“This is something for adults to let loose and go wild,” Fink said. “We’re not here to judge.”

The party drew in 675 people, Fox said.

The name for the party, Power 102 Exotic Erotic Party, came about in a brainstorming session with the popular radio station.

“The name is actually an acronym that spells PEEP as in Peep Show,” Fox said.

The name was fitting because the venue was full of exotic and erotic costumes that rivaled a peep show.

The winners of the $2,500 cash prize for best dressed were split among three categories.

· Best Couple: Ashley Rishton and Aaron Miller, who were dressed as a demon couple. Miller was a devil that was a cross between Hellboy and a satyr, half-man half-goat. Rishton was a demon with long black wings and had red contacts with blood dripping from her eyes. She also had a scepter. They won $750.

· Scariest: Theresa Hyland won $500 after dressing as “Thing” and wore a green wig, black ripped up shirt and a green skirt. Her face makeup had a cut from the corner of her mouth to the tip of her ear.

· Sexiest: Amanda Banes stole the show dressed as “Leeloo” from The Fifth Element. She was dressed in an orange wig with a white-colored lingerie suit. She won $1,000.

Join Power 102 for its fourth annual Halloween Bash if you want to avoid the Downtown crowds next year.


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