Chico Rotary Club raises money for schools

Last weekend the Elks Lodge held an omelet fundraiser Photo credit: Yang Dai

Last weekend the Elks Lodge held an omelet fundraiser Photo credit: Yang Dai

The annual Chico Rotary Club omelet breakfast meeting, which was started 25 years ago, was held as scheduled in the Elks Lodge, 1705 Manzanita Ave, at 8:30 a.m. last weekend. This year’s event attracted hundreds of Chico citizens.

The annual breakfast meeting, held by the club as a charitable activity, aims to help and support the development of various community service programs or nonprofit organizations. Over the past years, the painstaking efforts of the club have paid off. So far tens of thousands of donations have been raised for Chico.

This year’s omelet breakfast meeting intended to raise money from the generous donors for the Chico Unified School District and buy necessary musical instruments.

This year’s omelet breakfast meeting kicked off at 8:30 a.m. and didn’t end until 1 p.m. According to final statistics, more than 500 visitors attended the breakfast meeting.

“I think the breakfast meeting this year is the most successful I have ever seen. It is estimated to raise more than $30,000,” said Tod Kimmelshue, the person in charge of the Chico Rotary Club.

To motivate more citizens to take part in the donation, Chico Rotary Club offered the donors two breakfast and lunch vouchers free of charge to express its heartfelt thanks to their kindness.

The grand breakfast meeting and generous preparations were significantly paid off by money donations as well as flute, harmonica, guitar and other instruments received by the Chico Unified School District from the donors before the end of the event. This, to some extent, satisfied the school’s demands for musical instruments.

“It’s a great honor for me to be present at today’s activity. I’m glad and feel relieved to see instruments desperately needed by the school provided by the donators. I expect to see more similar activities in the future to satisfy even more demands,” Kimmelshue said.

“Of course I will thank those who serve the activity. Thanks a lot to the chefs for their providing us so many delicious foods,” Kimmelshue added.

Melanie Bassett, another person in charge of the club who has been a charitable activity organizer over the past decades, said, “I like very much the creative idea to raise charitable money through the breakfast meeting, an experience to bring both delicacies and make a difference. For Chico, it has now been a tradition to raise donations through the annual breakfast meeting.”

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