R-Town to fund homeless labor

The R-Town Downtown Coalition, which is working to promote a cleaner and safer Chico, will be giving money to the Jesus Center.

With the funds, the center will employ four homeless or unemployed individuals to clean up downtown in the mornings for twelve hours a week.

The center will be receiving $3,700, said Doug Guillon, a member of the coalition. This will cover the clean-up operations for a two month period beginning in early November.

“Due to the economy, we see a lot of unemployed people who want a job,” Guillon said.

In January, the coalition will assess what it has accomplished and decide whether to continue the program or change it. Their other plans include hiring armed security for downtown businesses and having the Chico Ambassadors patrol the streets.

The coalition may offer additional funds to the Jesus Center to employ more people if they can secure the funding, Guillon said.

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