Locals inspired by diverse decades

September 20, 2016


(1/3) Entrepreneurship major Charlie Conrad
talks about the 1920s:
"This era had always enthralled me. Going to Ireland I fell in love with the people and the culture and when I started watching peaky blinders a show based in Birmingham England in 1919 during the Irish revolt. I truly wish I could have been there part of it. It's a time when Irish are being oppressed in Ireland and the U.K. But for the young ambitious Thomas Shelby oppression won't happen to him and his family. He led the organized crime gang the peaky blinders along with his two brothers. And they set out on a path to raise their place in the world through any means necessary."
(2/3) "It's 1919 and my comrades and I are returning from France. Where we fought hard for our king. Killed for our king and died for our king. For those of us who did return. We returned with demons and nightmares that would drive most men mad."
(3/3) "Walking down the puddled back allies of Birmingham I feel the soot crawl down my throat from the stacks. Felt the fiery breath of the coal furnace lick at my face. I had returned to my kingdom and the razor thin blades on the brim of my cap let every know. But for most they returned to sunken faces rotting food and homes hollowed by the country we just bleed for. I was not one of them. I was something far darker for more ambitious and I am ready to move up."
Local Chico resident and 23-year-old Robert Mckow Jr talks about the 80s:

"Why the 80s? It would have been the coolest thing to grow up when all the big blockbuster movies were coming out and when MTV blew up. MTV is what introduced the world to music videos and that’s where many iconic artists launched their careers. Also being able to ride my bmx bike to an arcade, wearing the clothing they had back then, like the air Jordan’s and seeing Michael Jordan play."
Senior chemistry major Vivien Cherrette picks the 1960s:
"Why the 60s? For the music of course. That is the influence that impacts me the most. But passed all that, the 60s was revolutionary time where the young took the streets and didn't hesitate to speak their minds. It was a unique era in that it was the first time a whole generation 'rebelled-out' against the establishment. The by product of art and music are still classics to this day. This decade is too rad to ever happen again."
Junior electrical engineering major Valerie Cherrette speaks about the 1960s:
'So many things about the 60s resonate with me on a personal level. From the profound societal changes that took place, such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Sexual Revolution, to the general sense of rebelliousness against the conformity of the 1950s. It was a generation that questioned everything around them and defied the status quo. And this inspired some of the most influential music that was ever created. Music that I love. Not to mention, the technological progress that was seen in the space race during this decade motivated me to pursue my major. Without doubt, it was a groovy time to be alive."
Senior accounting major Josh Scouza picked the 80s and here's why:
"Ask anyone to describe a decade and most likely they will start to name off the most famous bands or type of music. Who wouldn't want to live in the 80s? Rock and roll coming to life, bad hairdos and attitudes swarming all over the place. Rolling Stones, ACDC, Queen, Van Halen, Motley Crue and Guns and Roses. The list goes on and on. If you are more laid back I guess you wouldn't choose one of the most grungy and rebellious decades out there. You can call it 'Hair Nation' or 'The Hangover From the 70s. Whatever you want to call it, it was the 80s."
Junior agricultural business major Kaitlin Carrol digs the 50s and here's why:

"The 50s was a period of carefree living. The reason I would want to live in this era is because it was an amazing time for music, beauty and fashion. The music was great, early rock, high point of jazz, swing were all popular. I mean Elvis Presley preformed during this time so life had to have been good."


The Orion asked six individuals to choose a style that represented their favorite decade.

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