Humans of Chico State


Senior media arts major, Brandon Realmonte, shares his experiences with school and the importance of creativity. Photo credit: Franky Renteria

“I’ve never been interested in school. Mostly because I’ve always felt like I wasn’t meant for the classes that I was forced to take. I used to sit in the back of my classrooms in high school making beats on my laptop. I ended with a 2.6 GPA, simply for the fact that it allowed me to play sports. I never wanted to go to college. I always thought I would go to Chico, party for a year and move on to my next stage in life. I even called my mom sophomore year to tell her I was dropping out to move to LA. This was my mindset for the first 21 years of my life.”

“My junior year I took a photography class with Aaron Draper that changed my life. I saw my teacher giving real life examples of how I can use my creativity to benefit the world. Since then, my attitude towards learning has changed dramatically. Although I’m extremely enthusiastic about never having to go to a class again after December, I’m never going to stop learning and striving to create.”

Brandon now works as a graphic designer for a tech company and freelances as a web designer, cinematographer and photographer.