Grad initiative is flawed

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Grad initiative is flawed

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The potential new grad initiative calls for an increased focus on getting more students to graduate in four years.

The effects of the proposal can already be felt, with first-year students being recommended to take an additional course load. Overall, the idea to push more students toward graduating in four years is a great concept in theory.

However, it follows the traditional pathway of getting pushed through high school only to get forced out of college. The plan might work for a select amount of students, but the idea of never failing a class or being able to manage the 15 units required is absurd.

Students at Chico State might have to hold down a part or full-time job to afford tuition, and may even be part of the school’s sports programs. With time constraints put on them, the students might struggle when adding additional classes to their daily schedules.

the idea of never failing a class or being able to manage the 15 units required is absurd.”

Students are considered full-time if they take 12 units and most first-year Chico State attendees are encouraged to meet that requirement to avoid overloading themselves.

One change the students have taken note of is the deregulation of prerequisites across many majors. But students active in their major for several semesters can feel cheated by stripping the prerequisites from GE upper division classes. With no prerequisites, underclassmen might impact advanced classes without intending to.

Additional U-Course mentors, extra class sections, advising and orientation, supplemental STEM courses and temporary advising staff are part of the initiative. The university will receive $1.3 million to fund the changes if the proposal is approved.

A portion of the money will also go toward discounting winter intersession for some students. The people who will qualify for these discounts is still undetermined.

There are more reasons for not graduating in four years than just lack of advising or class sections. Some students change their majors, study abroad, double major or get a minor.

The initiative further divides the education of the university and is only being pursued for the money that comes with it. Students who have external factors that prevent them from graduating in four years are snubbed by the program.

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